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The End of Time US Release Date

It’s official.  The US release date for the next Dr Who special “The End of Time” part one is December 26th (on BBC America).  We get it only ONE DAY after the Brits!

I’m feeling a lot of excitement and a lot of pure dread.  This is probably going to be the second hardest hour of entertainment television I’ve ever watched – the first hardest being part two.

And speaking of heart-breaking television, I’ve just watched the latest episode of Supernatural.  I have to say, this show has been pretty dang gorgeous all this season, mingling the brilliant spoofs with the dire end-of-the-world business.  (Last week’s show was genius, with the boys visiting their own fan convention and mixing it up with all those “Dean and Sam” cosplayers!)  But what they did tonight?  With Jo and Ellen?  Just so not fair. I need cheering up after The Waters of Mars, not more reasons to reach for the tissues!

Dr Who Confidential

This does contain some slight spoilers for the season 5 episode “Waters of Mars”, so don’t watch if you don’t want to see them!

Can one feel chills and be completely heartbroken in the same moment?

New Sherlock Holmes Featurette!

This film really does look so good.  I love the “new” portrayal of Holmes; too many times, it seems, film and television focus on his mental abilities and forget he could be extremely dynamic and physical in the original stories.

The website for the film is fantastic, including what appears to be a wonderfully intense facebook game.  (I say appears to be, since I just discovered it, and have not yet had time to play!)

I can’t wait for this film; I’m such a huge, huge fan of the stories, and this looks to be a much closer portrayal of “my” beloved Holmes and Watson that most I’ve seen.  (Some films I can’t even watch because of how they turn Watson into an idiot!)

New Moon @ Midnight

Yes…I am one of those people.  You know, the crazy ones who dress up in costume and go to midnight movie premieres!  Even though I am not exactly a fan of Twilight I am going to see New Moon.  Why do I not call myself a fan?  I think the writing sucks, the plots are silly, and sparkling vampires?  Hello?  What’s up with that?  Edward ticks me off big-time.  He’s a stalker in the books, and the actor is so NOT ATTRACTIVE  in the films (can you tell I’m Team Jacob?). But still – still – I couldn’t stop myself from tearing through each book  in a matter of hours.  I won’t buy copies for my library, I’ll never read them again, but I swear they’re like vampire crack.  I’m going to the midnight releases of these films not because I’m exceptionally excited to see the sparkly vampires, but because the whole Twilight thing interests me.  I like being in a crowd of people all obsessed over the same thing – there’s just something deeply cool about people coming together like that.  It only makes it more awesome that Twilight fans come in all ages, just like Potter-aholics.  This time around, it’s going to be especially fun, since a whole pack of us are going together: we’ve got a Bella, a Victoria (me!), an Esme, Alice, and Rosalie Cullen, a Jacob (Yay Team Jacob!), a “Jacob’s father”, a Jane (Volturi), and two people who are not in costume, and who we are going to call Bella’s human friends.  It’s gonna be good times.

And me being me, any excuse to wear a costume is made of win!

Here’s the newest trailer, in honor of the Midnight Release being tomorrow night!

So Wonderfully & Awesomely True

Steampunk Personified

These guys are amazing.  The amount of detail each member of the League of Steam puts into their character, costume, and weaponry is incredible.  The technology actually functions…as was demonstrated at an Abney Park concert….


And now they’ve branched out into a  hilarious youtube video series!

Alice in Wonderland

First off, let me just say that I am not a fan of Alice in Wonderland.  I’ve tried to read the book a number of times, at different ages, and it just never…clicked with me.  I never found a film adaptation that I really liked either.  The only thing I like about Alice is the single quote about believing six impossible things before breakfast!  (That, I adore!)

So when I first heard Tim Burton was making a film, I thought: “Well, I’ll see it.  Probably on DVD.  Because it’s Tim Burton.”  And then, the pictures started to arrive – and oh good golly molly, they have giant mushrooms!  In a garden with giraffe shrubbery!


I don’t know what it is about giant mushrooms, but I absolutely love the image.  It’s so fairyland, so otherworldly.  Everything is so super-saturated and lush – at this point I don’t care that it’s Alice.  I’m prepared to love it anyway.


The Cheshire cat is spooky! He’s got a zipper mouth of teeth!

alice poster

Awesome Coolness

It seems like lately I’ve been coming across all these Awesome Things of Win, and thinking that I needed to blog about them.  But instead I end up checking my facebook and going to bed.  I now have a massive backlog, and since bed is still a good 5 – 6 hours away, I’m going to play a bit of catch-up.

First off, an Abney Park update.


It was the squee heard ’round the world when Captain Robert updated his livejournal to announce the new album was DONE.  Yes!  And not only DONE, but slated to be released around the 14th of this month.  Guess who is not only buying a copy for herself, instantly, but is also buying a few more for Christmas gifts?  Yup.  How can you resist giving the gift of steampunk to your nearest and dearest?

Second, (and equally dear to my heart) is a David Tennant update.  While this didn’t quite rate a squee, it did get a gasp of surprise that bought the family over to the computer to see what I was surfing.


His next project will be playing a lawyer on AMERICAN TV.  Which accent will he use?  I’m rooting for his natural Scottish one.  Plus, is there any chance at all NBC will make him wear a kilt?  I guarantee it will raise the ratings among the female demographic!

And now, a bit of shopping.  Etsy has such awesome stores.  Too bad I personally can’t afford anything in this store.  Their steampunk-inspired stuff is bloody fabulous.  Look at this:


Or this:


I think I’m going to have to stop thinking about taking up leatherwork, and just buy me a piece of leather.

More elegant is this store:


Masks, chokers, bracelets, and all manner of tatted goodness.  Check out her ankle-wear:


And then there’s the absolutely freaking fabulous steampunk store, Clockwork Couture.  I am always in love with the fashion I find on this site, but was particularly struck by this new piece: The Time Traveler’s Corset.


Newspaper!  With keys and other things attached!

timetravelercorsetcloseup copy_0

And lastly, speaking of time travel, one of the few ways we can do it is through films.  I was delighted when the creator of this highly useful blog found me on my dress diary site, and introduced me to it.  She tracks period films, both released and upcoming, on tv and in the theater.  She has interviews with actors, trailers, rumors, and photographs.  For a costumer, this site is pure gold.  My favorite feature is the “latest news and upcoming films” feature.  Here’s just a tiny glimpse of the films on the list:

Cleo – a musical version of the story of Cleopatra, set in the 1920’s. I don’t know about you, but this just fills me with glee.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  It has a release date of 2010, and it’s based on one of the best and most perfect novels ever written.

Upstairs, Downstairs.  They’re doing a re-make!  Yes!!!!!

The Queen.  This is a miniseries event about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, staring 5 different actresses (to play her at different decades in her life) and set to air this month.  In the UK, of course, but hopefully it’ll come either to BBC America or at least to DVD.

And the list of films goes on and on.  It’s brilliant!

Operation Christmas Child

occ photo

This is my favorite Christmas charity, and certainly the most fun.  The idea is, you take a shoebox (or a shoebox-size plastic box), and pack it with toys, school, supplies, and other personal items that a child wants and needs.  Two weeks from today, you drop your boxes off at your local drop-off point, and they are collected and shipped around the world to children in other countries that have been devastated by poverty, war, or natural disasters.  Imagine the  joy these shoeboxes will give to children who have lost their home, or to children who perhaps have never received a gift in their entire lives!


Millions and millions of these shoeboxes are shipped out every year, and it is such an opportunity to show suffering children throughout the world that people do care for them, in very personal ways.

The same charity, Samaritan’s Purse, also gives you the opportunity to benefit children and families in lots of other ways, including gifting livestock.  This year, in addition to my shoeboxes, I’m sending a donation to buy a family a dozen baby ducklings!

Steampunk in Victoria, BC

While I was on Facebook today, I discovered this.  There’s going to be a “Victorian Steam Exposition” May 15 & 16, in Victoria, BC.

Now first off, if there ever was a steamy city, it’s Victoria.  So Victorian, so unique, so cool.  And better still, it’s being held in the Crystal Gardens.  The Crystals gardens is one of the most awesome glass buildings I’ve ever seen.  It used to be a swimming pool:


And then, (during the time I first visited it) it was an actual tropical garden, filled with parrots and monkeys and all manner of beauty:


They’ve since closed the Crystal Gardens, and it looked like it could be gone forever, but now it’s open again, in its latest incarnation: a convention center.  It’s such a lovely building.  It will be perfect for a steampunk gathering.

Although, I will miss the marmosets.  I’m not a fan of monkeys in general, but who could resist one of these?


So cute!