Molly Claire Series


Molly Claire was found aboard an abandoned boat in the San Francisco Bay, wearing an old-fashioned nightgown and a bloody jacket too large for her. The crew of the boat was never found, and the family of the girl never came forward to claim her. She was just five years old.

Now, nineteen years later, Molly Claire has no memory of anything that happened to her before that night – nothing remains of her early childhood except the screams that torment her nightmares. But that’s not the most unusual thing about her: Molly Claire can slip through time, an ability she uses as a professional ghost hunter.

But when she and her two partners take the case of another young child, also haunted by nightmares and screaming, Molly Claire’s current life and her past collide in ways she never imagined in her worst nightmares.

Will Molly Claire discover a way to save this little girl from the bloody future in her dreams? And will she be strong enough to save herself from a web of betrayal and conspiracy she has no idea even exists?

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benedictboxcoverAs a time traveler and professional ghost hunter, Molly Claire’s life has always been complicated. But while working her last case, she discovered that saving people is harder and more heartbreaking than she ever imagined. Not only did she lose the child she was hired to help, but almost lost her own life as well.

Crushed by the betrayal of her closest friend, she’s ready to admit defeat; but when new information is brought to light, Molly Claire realizes that the betrayal runs even deeper – and that Argent Park, the park that eats people, hides a more horrifying secret than she ever imagined.

If she returns to fight against LABS, Inc.with its conspiracy of medical experimentation, will the cost of her survival be even more than her own life? If she dares risk everything, is it still too late to save Amy?

And worse…will she also lose the one person she truly loves?

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multitudescoverMolly Claire is one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries…but that is about to change.

While digging through her adoptive mother’s photographs, she finds one image that shatters everything she thinks she knows about what happened before she was found, alone on that abandoned boat, dressed only in an old-fashioned nightgown and a bloody jacket.

Now she has to return through time to the one time and place she never wanted to experience – the sinking of the Swallow of Taipei.

Who are her real family – are they the people whose screams have echoed through her nightmares since she was five years old?

And will she make it back to the future she so desperately wants, or will she be forced to leave someone she loves behind?

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