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Universal Studios

Back in February, as part of my LA trip to Gallifrey One, I also spent most of a day at the Universal Studios theme park.

Here are a few pictures and videos from that day.

I love theme parks, and Universal Studios Hollywood is a fun place to visit (even if they don’t have Big Exciting Rides like the Orlando version.)  They have city streets set up as if you’re in different countries…my favorite was, of course, Little London.

It’s very realistic, even to the phone boxes.

The Bobbies and palace guards sing and dance a bit more, however…

They had look-alikes wandering around, including a fab Lucy:

I went on most of the rides (The Mummy I rode four times, because it was the closest thing to a big roller coaster, and it felt SO GOOD to be on a coaster again!)

But the best part of the park was the back lot tour/tram ride.  I saw the Mystery Machine!

There were a TON of actual working soundstages, but it was all pretty deserted today because it was a holiday weekend.

Then we went through sections of the outside city sets.  Blocks and blocks of ‘blank’ buildings, just waiting to be dressed for a film or tv show.  It was slightly eerie, like we were in the middle of an apocalypse!

Recognize this next one?  Back to the Future was filmed here!

We went past a bunch of famous film vehicles, including one from Serenity and Knight Rider (I so LOVED that show when I was a kid!)

We toured a bunch of sets used for exotic/historical locals:

Then, we went to hang out with Jaws.  (Although this set has been used for a ton of other things as well, including Murder She Wrote.)

We visited the Bates Hotel.  One thing that’s so cool about theme parks is the actors.  I adore the interactive parts.  Can you imagine doing this for a job? All day, every day…just stuffing ladies in trunks and threatening tourists???

Then we went by the site of a horrific plane crash.  Totally brilliant.

We saw a HUGE blue screen/water set.  Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here.

One of the coolest bits was driving down Wisteria Lane, the Desperate Housewives set.  Just a heads-up – the narration on the video doesn’t match the houses you’re seeing…he was speaking about the houses on the opposite side.  Still, if you’re a DH fan, these houses should be pretty familiar!

We also survived an earthquake in the subway.

THE best part, though, was the 4D King Kong part.  One part ride, one part film, one part dino slobber (I got a squirt right in my EYE) and 100% awesome!  I didn’t try to film during it because I thought it wouldn’t turn out, but here’s a film someone else took.

For dinner, I had triple berry crepes at Universal CityWalk.

It was a very enjoyable day, and I wish I’d had time to do everything at least one more time!