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He’s what? He’s…regenerating?

My whole world just crashed and burned.

Well, okay, not my whole world, just the 1/8th of it that is currently Doctor Who obsessed… David Tennant has announced he’s going to leave the show after the four specials currently planned for 2009.

FOUR MORE SPECIALS! It isn’t even going to be a complete season! I’m honestly in shock, since he specifically squashed previous rumors that he was planning to leave.  But here it is, out of David’s own bloody gorgeous mouth:

And who will become the 11th Doctor?

Bonnie’s Guide to Doctor Who

Beginning with the most important thing first, this is the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant.

The Doctor’s actual name is a mystery – he’s known only as “The Doctor”. At various times in the episodes, someone will ask “Doctor who?“, thus giving the show its name. He doesn’t like weapons, so pretty much the only piece of equipment he carries is his trusty ‘sonic screwdriver’, a gadget that (presumably) unscrews things, but also does a bit of everything else. The Doctor is the last of his kind, a species of time-traveling aliens known as ‘Time Lords’.

He travels in his TARDIS.

A product of Time Lord technology, a properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship’s chameleon circuit. In the series, the Doctor pilots an unreliable TARDIS, whose chameleon circuit is faulty, leaving it locked in the shape of a 1950s-style London police box after a visit to London in 1963. Unsurprisingly, it’s often referred to as the ‘blue box’.

The Doctor customarily travels at least one human companion, most commonly a female. These women are usually head-over-heels with him (well, look at his picture again and see if you blame them!) but he pretty much just wants a friend and isn’t interested in anything more.

In the first and second seasons, it was Rose Tyler.

Third season, it was Martha:

Fourth season, it was Donna (my personal favorite!)

And that’s it. That’s everything you need to know to jump in and enjoy the episode “Blink”. (We’ll talk Daleks later…)

No wait – one more thing – you gotta have the theme song stuck in your head….

To anyone who isn’t Bonnie, why yes. I am shamelessly using my blog to corrupt my friend into becoming a Who-fanatic!

Abney Park + Youtube = Hours of Bliss…

Of the many treasures I’ve located, here are two:

This one basically explains Abney Park, and gives some nice shots of their glorious steampunk instruments.  Those instruments so cool, I guess, that you need the three minutes of black silence at the end of the clip just to recover enough to click on the next video I’ve chosen:

This one is my third favorite song “All the Myths Are True”, set to film clips from the anime Wolf’s Rain – bonus!  (For the curious, my first and second favorite songs are “Breathe” and “Sleep Isabella”.)

Why yes, I CAN recognize a serial killer!

Or at least, according to this test, I can.  I scored 70% correct, better than 97% of other test-takers.  I guess my years of serial-killer study finally has a practical use, though I’m a little suspicious of some of the ‘correct’ answers I got wrong.  Why would the most common job position for a serial killer’s parents be working at a circus?  Hmmm….

Can you beat my score?  If you rate at least 40%, you’ll survive an encounter with a serial killer, according to the test’s creator.  Bonus points from me, if you can recognize this charming and handsome gentleman:

Also, if you really want to know how well you might do at visually identifying a serial killer, take this test:


As a writer, the most difficult thing about finishing a book is trying to decide which book to write next. I have so many characters and bits and pieces of plot milling around in my head, shoving and jostling for my attention, that I have trouble deciding which I love most. Last night I got to thinking about my future books and books-in-progress, and I decided to make a list.

1) The Mask of Fate/The Mask of Destiny. This is a two book YA series, and I’m currently working on the second revision. Someday, there will be a third volume, because one of the more minor characters is still bouncing around in my head, demanding for the chance to tell her own version of events. What happens to a city that tries to shut away the rest of the world by building upward, not out, until the only the most rich live in the light, and the poor are condemned to a life in darkness? The people live by the guttering dregs of oil in a lantern, too afraid to look outside the walls, while the magic holding the walls together is slowly unraveling, and one girl has to decide for herself whether she’s the one destined to save everything or destroy it completely.

2) Arassa. This one still needs a good title – I’m about two-thirds of the way through this one, maybe a bit further. I started writing this one sort of by mistake. I was watching HBO’s Rome, and reading a lot of non-fiction about ancient Rome, and I started playing around with a couple of characters…just for my own entertainment. Although it’s “set” in ancient Rome, I changed the name of the city to “Itorica”, so I could keep all the good stuff of ancient Rome and add in all the fantastical elements I wanted. When I had about 4 or 5 chapters, I posted them for fun on When I received a pm from a stranger begging for more, I decided to keep writing and posting chapters. It’s been interesting doing it this way, because every time I post a chapter I basically lock myself in to what’s happened. I can’t just throw stuff in, knowing I’ll change it later and make it ‘right’.

3) Haunted Venice. No title as yet. This was the book I was supposed to be writing, instead of Arassa. I got the idea of a water-city like Venice – only there are creatures that live in the canals, and the water is constantly rising, forcing the people to abandon and lock up the flooded lower levels of their homes. The ghosts of the dead can be bound into stone and captured in candle flames or songbirds…. I have a few chapters of this one written.

4) Ichabod’s Bridge. A modern-day, realistic story of the friendship between two damaged teenaged boys. It’s also a murder mystery of sorts. I say “of sorts” because the mystery part of the plot is in sad disarray. It needs serious work on the rational, logical parts. But the emotional sections are the most beautiful and raw writing I’ve ever done. Some day, when I can get the plot worked through, I’m going to re-write it. All of my modern-day novels in progress thus far are interconnected through a group called Betticker & Associates. It’s an association of lawyers, who do most of their work outside the courtroom – whatever needs to be fixed, they can do it, whatever it requires. The man who comes to investigate the murder in Ichabod’s Bridge is one of Betticker’s associates.

5) Breathing Ghosts. Another modern-day novel, about a woman who suffers a car accident and wakes up with amnesia. While she’s re-learning her life, her husband, and her family, she starts to realize that she isn’t really that woman at all – a completely different set of memories are slowly coming to light, including a different name. Has her husband been lying to her, or was she lying to him? Who can she trust, if she can’t even trust herself? This one not only has Betticker & Associates in it, it also introduces LABS, Inc, my ruthless organization of scientists who tend to get on the opposite side of Betticker.

6) God’s Wolves. This one is full-on LABS, Inc, as a former employee of theirs gets uncomfortably close to some of their experimentation.

7) Time Travel. No title yet. And nothing written, but this one is seriously haunting me. If you read one of my earlier posts, this is the novel I was talking about. My Revolutionary time-traveling soldier named Flinders. LABS, Inc are probably involved in this as well; it’s the sort of thing they’d have a finger in.

8 ) Fog Ferry. No title. What if you take a ride on a perfectly normal ferry, and the ferry gets lost in the fog? Really lost, as in there’s nothing out there but fog? Shortly after I came up with idea, I took a ferry ride, and the fog really did come in and surround us, blocking out everything. It was a wonderful half hour of recording impressions and scribbling bits of plot! Would the folks who had food in their cars share with the walk-on passengers? Would they work together to survive, or lose all civilization?

9) Maxy. If I don’t have a title, the main character often becomes the working title. This one is for grade-school children. A girl goes to live with her two ‘Old Aunts’ and discovers she’s an Acquisition Odd, someone who can find things that are lost, misplaced, or hidden. The only problem is, the Dark is trying to break into her world, and she needs to find the way to keep it out, while another Acquisition Odd, a man who has never lost anything (he still has all his baby teeth in his mouth) is seeking to find a way to let it in. I’ve got a lot of this written, but I never seem to finish it.

10) Sarn. Fantasy about a prince who travels to a foreign land to marry a woman from a land that enslaves the Fae, and finds out that his new wife’s family were never interested in the marriage, but had a different plan for him and his native country.

11) Malady. A girl grows up in an iron castle. She’s despised by her uncle, and one day he hires a stranger to be her ‘bodyguard’ and possibly, she suspects, to assassinate her. But if he’s been hired to kill her, why does he keep trying to teach her how to defend herself?

12) Star Wars. Okay, there’s a story behind the working title of this one, because it’s not a Star Wars novel. The thing that fascinated me most when I watched “Revenge of the Sith” was its themes of love and betrayal. Spinning off those themes, I came up with my own story of how a man would survive the complete betrayal by someone he loves of everything he holds most sacred. Since (as usual) I have no clue of a good title, I call it by what inspired it. I have quite a lot written of this one.

13) And finally, there’s lucky thirteen: Mia. One of my very earliest attempts at a novel, and really, really bad. The dialogue alone…well, let’s just say I won’t be posting chapters from this anywhere online. However, parts of it are good enough to keep me thinking about it. One day, perhaps, I’ll go back and revise it completely. There’s a good story in there, beneath all the screamingly horrible parts. Or maybe, I’ll just cannibalize it for another novel.

Abney Park

Last month I wrote about how I discovered I love Steampunk. I was drawn in through costuming…is there truly anything cooler than steam-powered wings or airship pirates?…but now I’ve fallen in love with the music. I’m utterly addicted to this particular song by a group called Abney Park:

It’s steampunk, with a little bellydance, and a little Cirque du Soleil – and they’re local to me! I unfortunately missed the show they just put on, but I’m certain-sure to catch them sometime. Now all I need is to similarly addict a friend or two, and I’ll be blissful with happiness.

While I was prowling around Abney Park youtube videos, I also discovered this neo-victorian singer:

So now I suddenly have two loves. How unexpectedly shiny.

YouTube Cupcake

I should admit up front that when I get sucked into youtube, I really get sucked in. It’s an evil place, youtube, full of the train-wreck sort of weirdness and overdose cute that I apparently find irresistible. Yay me.

It usually starts with such innocence. A co-worker mentions a funny song, the “Kitty Cat Song” and I go check it out, because I’m going to see her the next day, and I know she’s going to ask if I did. (Yes, I did, and now it’s forever looping around and around in my head, thanks SO much!). Or there’s a link in an email to a video the sender is sure I’ll enjoy. And I do. Immensely. I also enjoy the frajillion links along the side of that video – and do you know how many videos there are of moose attacking humans? More than there are actual moose, I’m positive.

But now and there I find a true treasure, and I’ll actually subscribe. Chad Vader. Simon’s Cat. The guy who posts the minisodes of Rescue Me, because I just can’t be bothered to turn on the TV for a five minute “show”. And then there’s “eclairification”. I thought for quite some time her name was Claire, because that would sort of make sense, wouldn’t it? But then I clicked her profile to subscribe, and discovered her name is Elizabeth. Huh…so much for assumptions. Anyway, she’s a girl who ‘vlogs’ about totally random things, and I quite like her, actually. I wonder if that could possibly be because she gets extremely (and unapologetically) nerdy about Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, books, and a number of other things that touch my heart and give me hope for America’s youth? So I subscribed to Elizabeth’s vlog, unaware that she was close to reaching her 100th subscriber, and therefore close to fulfilling her promise of baking each of her 100 subscribers their very own cupcake.

On September 11th, she carried through on her vow, and not only made all 100 cupcakes, but filmed each and every one of them on her vlog. Mine is at exactly 0:43 seconds into the video. And it appears to be chocolate.

She then sat in a public place and gave the cupcakes away to strangers. I think this is extremely cool.

And please, to all my friends, don’t be discouraged from feeding my youtube madness.  That’s one of the reasons I call you friends, right?

Friends and Enemies

I received a letter and an autographed photograph from my ‘dear friend’ John McCain today. He says my help is urgently needed, and he hopes I will accept this photograph as a ‘lasting symbol’ of our working together to win this crucial contest.

Well, I do agree with Friend John that it’s a critical contest this year, but I haven’t high hopes his photograph will last all that long in my recycling bin. I do, however, appreciate his sending me the postage-paid envelope. I’m returning it to him with a photograph of the only man running in this race who actually IS a conservative, who actually DOES have a workable plan to save our economy, our sovereignty, and our hard-won values. I’m sending a brief note as well, and here’s what it will say:

Dear ‘Friend’:

For too long I have supported the “lesser of two evils”, but with your nomination it has become clear that there is no “lesser evil” when it comes to a choice between the Republican and Democratic Parties. I have sent my donation to Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, a man who actually believes in returning America to the great nation she once was.

And I’ll include a brochure, containing Baldwin’s photograph. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one of McCain’s “friends” who’s doing this, so hopefully those wasted stamps will add up and cause his staff at least a little consternation.

For those of you who have never heard of the Constitution Party, check them out:

They were established in 1992, and they’re already the third largest and most rapidly growing party in existence. According the their website, they’re also:

“…the only party which is completely pro-life, pro-gun, pro-American sovereignty and independence, and in favor of a strong national defense. It is also the only party that is anti-globalist, anti-free trade, anti-deindustrialization, and anti-unchecked immigration. We also oppose special rights for homosexuals, the constantly increasing expansion of unlawful police laws,and both foreign aid and military interventionism.”

America was purposely built by our founding fathers on the foundations of Ancient Rome, following its style of rule and governmental values. Rome lasted for approximately 500 years before she fell to the exact same ills that are currently plaguing America. How long will America last unless something changes? Time is rapidly running out.