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New Moon @ Midnight

Yes…I am one of those people.  You know, the crazy ones who dress up in costume and go to midnight movie premieres!  Even though I am not exactly a fan of Twilight I am going to see New Moon.  Why do I not call myself a fan?  I think the writing sucks, the plots are silly, and sparkling vampires?  Hello?  What’s up with that?  Edward ticks me off big-time.  He’s a stalker in the books, and the actor is so NOT ATTRACTIVE  in the films (can you tell I’m Team Jacob?). But still – still – I couldn’t stop myself from tearing through each book  in a matter of hours.  I won’t buy copies for my library, I’ll never read them again, but I swear they’re like vampire crack.  I’m going to the midnight releases of these films not because I’m exceptionally excited to see the sparkly vampires, but because the whole Twilight thing interests me.  I like being in a crowd of people all obsessed over the same thing – there’s just something deeply cool about people coming together like that.  It only makes it more awesome that Twilight fans come in all ages, just like Potter-aholics.  This time around, it’s going to be especially fun, since a whole pack of us are going together: we’ve got a Bella, a Victoria (me!), an Esme, Alice, and Rosalie Cullen, a Jacob (Yay Team Jacob!), a “Jacob’s father”, a Jane (Volturi), and two people who are not in costume, and who we are going to call Bella’s human friends.  It’s gonna be good times.

And me being me, any excuse to wear a costume is made of win!

Here’s the newest trailer, in honor of the Midnight Release being tomorrow night!

Awesome Website – Necromance

Rarely have I been so completely riveted by a website as I was by this one.  Seriously, it was like a trip to a museum, and is perfect for anyone with the slightest bend toward natural history, goth, steampunk, or pirates. (Um yeah, am I the only one who hits all four of those….?)

Are you curious yet?

Where else can you find exquisite lace parasols, skull buttons, coffin flasks, brass keys, edible insects, feathers, preserved genuine spiders’ webs, fans, metal birds’ feet, bones of all varieties (including a mink penis bone!), x-rays of all sorts of critters, bat and butterfly wings, tiny glass vials, shells, vintage medical instruments, kitty cat postcards, and Hitler’s postage stamps?

Where else can you find this?


It’s an absinthe labeled business card holder! So perfect for those of the Steampunk variety!  I want one!

Or this:


That is a genuine mouse paw, preserved in a locket.  I’m fairly certain I don’t want one, but I find it…interesting.  And who knows?  Perhaps someday there will be a costume which requires a mouse foot.  I don’t put it beyond the realm of possibility, since only a few short years ago I was scouring the internet for a preserved chicken foot.  (For a “Jack Sparrow” costume, in case you wanted to know, and yes, this website does sell preserved chicken feet – where were they when I needed them?)

How about this?


A skeleton marionette!  Now honestly, who doesn’t want one of these?  I could so take one of these to faire as an accessory to my pirate garb….

Other things I want are the scarab poison ring (actually been looking for one of these, so I’m definitely buying it), and assorted skull beads.  I’m always looking for skull beads for my pirate costuming, and these guys have awesome ones.  I also love some of the bone jewelry, the skull pill box, the glass vials, and the feathers.  There’s also an “eye” bracelet that would be so awesome with something… either pirate or steampunk….

Go here.  Go now.  Prepare to be amazed, intrigued, and sometimes, just a tiny bit grossed out.

If Buffy met Edward….

I like it.  I’d like to see it happen, actually.  (I’m a Jacob-girl, can you tell?)

Hilarious, and pin-points exactly a few of the issues I have with Edward.