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I have a new store!

While I still love my Etsy shop, (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5784802) I’ve just found a fabulous new place for crafters and artists.  No seller fees, unlimited photo upload, and lots of extras!  Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you need to check this out.

Here’s a link to my store, even though I really don’t have much listed yet:


And if you’re a seller, and you decide to sign up, be sure and say “DragonflyDesignsbyAlisa” sent you!

The House of Mouse

One of the very first Etsy.com stores I fell in love with was the House of Mouse.



The artist makes tiny dressed mice.  Most are pop culture icons from movies, books, and tv series.  Recognize the one above?  Harry Potter!

And here’s a little hippy/flower mouse:


And also from Harry Potter, here’s Lord Voldemouse.  The fact that he’s standing on a copy of a Harry Potter book is a nice touch!


Just recently, I discovered the mouse-artist’s blog.  It’s fascinating.  Not only does she make a living making a selling mice, she packs her blog full of helpful tips and hints for other etsy sellers.


I think I’m so attracted to these little mice because the first gift I ever received from a boy I liked was a little costumed mouse.  I was about nine.  The mouse was dressed like a cowboy.  I loved the mouse even after I recovered from the crush.  (Even though he was a cowboy mouse, he made an excellent stand-in for Reepicheep when I played at Narnia.)

Okay, I can’t resist showing off one mouse, and my current fav:


Chewbacca mouse! Gosh, he’s cute.

Sew or Die

One of the costuming blogs I follow mentioned this tshirt, and I knew it must be mine.  So I promptly bought it.


It is so me.  If I were a pirate, this would be my flag.


Fingerless Mitts and Etsy’s Alchemy

I’m dying for a pair of these:

Fingerless grey gloves, with a thumb gusset!


And better still, since I don’t knit, I found someone to make them for me. On Etsy.com, they have a thing they call “Alchemy”. Anyone who wants a particular thing, or even an unparticular thing, can describe what they want, and how much they want to pay for it, and handcrafters all over the world will bid for the chance to make it for you.

So I posted an add on Alchemy for these mitts, and got perhaps 10 responses, but one reponse stood out. Way out. This lady actually scoured the net looking for wool yarn of just the right color and weight, and when she was unable to find it, she offered to spin me matching wool with her own hands. How incredibly awesome is that? Of course it would have cost more for her additional time, and I decided not to take her up on that offer, but I did commission her to knit my gloves from the best match she could locate. If you ever want a knitted object, here’s the lady you want to go to: