Steampunk in Victoria, BC

While I was on Facebook today, I discovered this.  There’s going to be a “Victorian Steam Exposition” May 15 & 16, in Victoria, BC.

Now first off, if there ever was a steamy city, it’s Victoria.  So Victorian, so unique, so cool.  And better still, it’s being held in the Crystal Gardens.  The Crystals gardens is one of the most awesome glass buildings I’ve ever seen.  It used to be a swimming pool:


And then, (during the time I first visited it) it was an actual tropical garden, filled with parrots and monkeys and all manner of beauty:


They’ve since closed the Crystal Gardens, and it looked like it could be gone forever, but now it’s open again, in its latest incarnation: a convention center.  It’s such a lovely building.  It will be perfect for a steampunk gathering.

Although, I will miss the marmosets.  I’m not a fan of monkeys in general, but who could resist one of these?


So cute!



One response to “Steampunk in Victoria, BC

  1. Hi there –

    We have a new date and venue (across the street in the Empress Hotel)

    For details:


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