Monthly Archives: January 2010

YouTube Videos

To tide you over until I return from FaerieWorlds in Eugene, OR with lots of pics, vids, and stories to tell, here’s two of the coolest youtube videos to cross my path this week.

Why do we watch period films?  I don’t know about you, but I do it for the dresses and the dancing.  So really, all I need to watch is this video:

About halfway in, there’s even footage of David Tennant in 1700’s menswear (so cute!) and yes, he’s dancing!

And since Lost is starting its final season next week, here’s a great parady video of all the questions we need answers for.  Lost.  Best show ever that you won’t understand.  Personally, I’d watch just for the smoke monster and Sawyer.  And Ben.  This last season I’d watch just for Ben.

There is no plan B…

Is it wrong that when this trailer started I squealed like a rabid fangirl, then proceeded to recite all the opening lines from memory?  Yes, I love it that they used the lines from the opening of the original tv show – and also that I remembered them after all these years.

I am, of course, speaking of The A-Team, possibly the most beloved show of my pre-teen years.  Even after I supposedly “grew up” (the verdict is still out on that one), I still retained a fond schoolgirl crush on Face, Murdock, B.A, and Hannibal.  I never could decide who I loved more, and I still can’t.  My ringtone used to be the A-Team theme.

Judging only from the trailer, it looks like they’re making the attempt to get this film re-make right.  I am ex-cit-ed!!!!!!