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Steampunk Carousel

I have finally found something in Paris that’s actually worth going to see.  Okay…Paris is officially on the list for my *next* vacation.  (The one after Egypt.)

And they are working on adding even more animals!

This is seriously amazing!

My Travel Journal Arrived!

All the way from the Philippines.  It’s so awesome.  I love getting things from people in other countries; just the packaging alone is often amazing.  This one, sadly, did not come sewn in a fabric bag (India) or with cool little stamps all over it (Asia).  But it was wrapped very nicely inside:

And Nadja, the lady who made it, wrote a personal note for me:

I’d mentioned what I was intending to use it for, and she remembered.

There was also another envelope with printed information on how the journal was made.

But now…on to the unwrapping of the journal itself:

The first page is embossed with the Alunsina stamp:

The last page has an owl.  I love owls, so this is a lovely surprise!

It’s perfect, it’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to fill it.  I’ve already decided that the wrappings and Nadja’s letter will be permanent additions.   I’ll also begin writing in it, long before it’s time for my travels.  Things like my plans and hopes for the trip, and as things get finalized, my itinerary.  The first thing I’m going to look for is a few perfect lines of poetry for the first page.

If you’d like an Alunsina journal of your own, you can find their Etsy shop here, as well as many more styles of journals on their facebook page.

Thank you Nadja and Enan!

Steampunk Photoshoot, Day II

I wrote a post about it with a ton of pictures over on my other blog.  Go there and have a look!

Steampunk Photoshoot, Day One

I wrote up a full post on my costuming blog, so here’s a link.  Go and read about my adventures – there are lots more pictures!!!!