Operation Christmas Child

occ photo

This is my favorite Christmas charity, and certainly the most fun.  The idea is, you take a shoebox (or a shoebox-size plastic box), and pack it with toys, school, supplies, and other personal items that a child wants and needs.  Two weeks from today, you drop your boxes off at your local drop-off point, and they are collected and shipped around the world to children in other countries that have been devastated by poverty, war, or natural disasters.  Imagine the  joy these shoeboxes will give to children who have lost their home, or to children who perhaps have never received a gift in their entire lives!


Millions and millions of these shoeboxes are shipped out every year, and it is such an opportunity to show suffering children throughout the world that people do care for them, in very personal ways.

The same charity, Samaritan’s Purse, also gives you the opportunity to benefit children and families in lots of other ways, including gifting livestock.  This year, in addition to my shoeboxes, I’m sending a donation to buy a family a dozen baby ducklings!

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