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Because I haven’t posted in awhile…

…I’m going to give you a glut of goodness.  (Well, it’s a glut if you’re a fan-geek oddball like me!  🙂 )


Yay for Easter and the new Doctor Who episode “Planet of the Dead”.  I seriously did not want to go out or celebrate Easter in any other way, I just wanted to curl up with my computer and watch my Doctor.  As with the last episode, though, it was a bittersweet pleasure.  I’m still devastated that David Tennant is leaving.

Rammstein.  I found this group because I’m researching the Columbine School Shooting.  While I was reading the shooters’ journals and writing, I also checked into their favorite films and music.  I was surprised to discover what excellent taste they had – they and I are pretty much liking the same groups and films.  Does this mean they’re more normal than I imagined, or that I’m more weird?  Not sure, but now I’m obsessing over Rammstein’s music.


The fact that they sing in German only adds to the allure, as I love the sound of spoken German.  Must be genetic memory; I have a heck of a lot of German ancestry.

And I sold my first artist doll/figurine overseas!  Yes, the “Steampunk Penguin” is now steampunking it over in Sweden.


Simplicity has just released three new awesome patterns:


How fabulous would this be for steampunk?  I’ve always wanted a driving costume…in different colors, though, I think.


And I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Simplicity doing a fairly accurate Tudor era pattern.   A little tweaking, this could be perfect!


With underthings to match!  Yay for corsets and bumrolls!

Lastly, I spent an hour sorting my closet, and for a lark I counted my shoes.


Anyone care to hazard a guess?

Not counting my cosplay and costume shoes (such as my black vinyl lace-up over the knee boots with 5″ heels! Hehehe!) I own sixty-three pairs.

Sixty-three pairs of ordinary, everyday shoes.

Yeah, that just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Shoe Obsessed. Tried to fight. Lost the battle.

For literally months now, I’ve been obsessing over Chucks.  Like these:


I do not need any more shoes.  But I keep going onto ebay and drooling over them.  I keep seeing them in movies – you’d think every single movie in the history of cinema has a pair of chucks in them.  I was watching The Basketball Diaries last night, and kept getting distracted from the plot by the shoes:


Then I went to sleep and dreamed about them, and that was the last straw.  I’m buying the shoes.

So it becomes a question of which color.   Should I get the classic black ones? Maybe red ones (that’s the Dr. Who influence!)  I really like the pink ones.

But finally I decided to stick with black, and here’s why.



Yay for pink or red laces!!!

Walking Away With My First Post

This is my first post, and I’m finding it strangely intimidating. Funny thing, I made a list of subjects that seemed quite pressing to write about, but now that I’m sitting here, hands on keyboard, I’m not finding them so urgent. If this were public speaking, I’d be the one standing at the podium stammering and turning red, while all my notes flutter down like confetti around my knees.

Well, okay. Since I apparently can’t come up with anything meaningful or profound for my first post, let’s go with frivolous.

I want these boots. These, right here:

I found their picture on the site: www.virtualshoemuseum.com and I’ve been longing after them ever since. I haven’t even dared check their price, because, hello, just the fact that I want them so badly shows how expensive they are. And they’re shoes. They’re not world peace, or Chuck Baldwin elected for president. If I had them, I’d throw them on the floor of my closet, just like my $3 WalMart sneakers.

But I can almost touch the shiny little black buttons, and almost feel the wap wap wap of the pink ribbons hitting the back of my heels as I strut down the street.