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Fingerless Mitts and Etsy’s Alchemy

I’m dying for a pair of these:

Fingerless grey gloves, with a thumb gusset!


And better still, since I don’t knit, I found someone to make them for me. On Etsy.com, they have a thing they call “Alchemy”. Anyone who wants a particular thing, or even an unparticular thing, can describe what they want, and how much they want to pay for it, and handcrafters all over the world will bid for the chance to make it for you.

So I posted an add on Alchemy for these mitts, and got perhaps 10 responses, but one reponse stood out. Way out. This lady actually scoured the net looking for wool yarn of just the right color and weight, and when she was unable to find it, she offered to spin me matching wool with her own hands. How incredibly awesome is that? Of course it would have cost more for her additional time, and I decided not to take her up on that offer, but I did commission her to knit my gloves from the best match she could locate. If you ever want a knitted object, here’s the lady you want to go to: