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I Won a Mouse!

This one, the sweet little Chewbacca Mouse:


The artist is giving away one mouse every month from her blog; she chooses one person from among those who leave comments.  I had a sneaky plan: I wrote 32 poems about mice (most about HER mice) and submitted at least one every day.  Most were limericks,such as this one, about this mouse:


This is Terry, the mouse in a cat suit, and here’s his limerick:

His family says Terry’s confused,

But they all agree they’re amused.

When dressed as the cat,

He can be such a brat,

And the real feline is accused.

This is “Yorrick” the skeleton mouse:


Here’s my limerick:

The mouse named Yorrick lay prone.

Said he, “Studies have shown:

“It’s bad to eat bread,

“Fats, dairy, and lead,

“So I won’t eat at all till I’m bone.”

A few were “re-written” versions of famous poems; here’s a re-written bit of Shakespeare:

To be a mouse, or not to be; that is the question;

Whether ’tis nobler by the scissors to suffer

The snips and stitches of courageous stuffing

And to be given arms by a surfeit of imagination.

And by opposing thumbs, grasp cheese.  To live, to sleep;

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The stillness and the folds of unaltered felt

That wears not clothes; ’tis a consumation

Devoutly to be wished.

And just a little Edgar Allen Poe:

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I web-surfed, weak and weary,

Over many a quaint and curious internet and Etsy store –

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a sight endearing,

As of some mice sweetly peering, peaking through my browser door.

“Tis mice dressed in clothes!” I exclaimed, “Peering from this Etsy store:

“Only mice, and nothing more!”

The artist said that more she “sees your name” the better; what she didn’t say is that the winner is chosen by some sort of random generator. It’s good I didn’t know, or I might not have put the effort into all those poems!  But for this month, after she randomly chose her winner, she had this to say:

Once again the monthly giveaway was a huge success! Thank you to everyone the commented for your chance to win! This month I have decided to award TWO prizes.

The first one goes (as always) to a person chosen at random using the random generator

And the winner is…


The second prize goes to someone who has entertained me with her daily comments in the form of poetry. Purely for the effort I am giving Alisa a mouse with up to $40 as well.
Yay for The House of Mouse!  (And if you’re really desperate to read more of my 32 limericks and poems, visit here, and look for me among the comments!

The House of Mouse

One of the very first Etsy.com stores I fell in love with was the House of Mouse.



The artist makes tiny dressed mice.  Most are pop culture icons from movies, books, and tv series.  Recognize the one above?  Harry Potter!

And here’s a little hippy/flower mouse:


And also from Harry Potter, here’s Lord Voldemouse.  The fact that he’s standing on a copy of a Harry Potter book is a nice touch!


Just recently, I discovered the mouse-artist’s blog.  It’s fascinating.  Not only does she make a living making a selling mice, she packs her blog full of helpful tips and hints for other etsy sellers.


I think I’m so attracted to these little mice because the first gift I ever received from a boy I liked was a little costumed mouse.  I was about nine.  The mouse was dressed like a cowboy.  I loved the mouse even after I recovered from the crush.  (Even though he was a cowboy mouse, he made an excellent stand-in for Reepicheep when I played at Narnia.)

Okay, I can’t resist showing off one mouse, and my current fav:


Chewbacca mouse! Gosh, he’s cute.