I was going to post a quail update, but then I realized that all my current photos are on my *other* camera.  And I’m too lazy to go outside to the studio and get it, so instead, I’ll do the *other* post I’ve been thinking about.

The new tv shows I’m watching.

I’m so pleased, honestly.  There are three stand-out good ones this season, and my absolute favorite looks like it’s in absolutely no danger of being cancelled – which is what normally happens to me and the tv I absolutely love.  Seriously, it happens all the time.  To brilliant shows, including two that I will never get over losing:

HBO’s Rome.  I fell in love instantly, and it’s still my favorite show I’ve ever watched, old or new.  At least I have the consolation of knowing that HBO knows they made a big mistake.

And my second favorite among non-current shows: Firefly.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE FOR NOT WATCHING THIS AND KEEPING IT ON THE AIR?

Sigh.  Okay, okay, moving on from the angst.

My new favorite among this season’s offerings is Blacklist.  James Spader.  I love him to death, he is just so cool.  And his character is equally cool, and I haven’t figured him out yet, and I love the show for actually keeping me guessing.


Second favorite: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   I’m not sure this one will survive, and I understand if it doesn’t, because it does have some problems.  The “young hot guy” is boring, the “young hot girl” is boring.  The “hot scientists” are cute, but a little…meh.  I’m using code names, because in spite of having watching this show for a few months now, I’m only actually sure of what 50% of their character names are.  So why is it my second favorite new show?

Because of this guy.


Agent Coulson, you have my heart always, and I will watch this show and love it just because you are on it.  You sir, are brilliant and gorgeous and if Loki weren’t so intriguing awesome (and also brilliant and gorgeous) I would never have been able to get past him killing you in The Avengers.

Bad Loki.

(Okay, fine: I forgive you.  Even if Coulson did return on a somewhat mediocre show, he’s still back.)

The third favorite show is Sleepy Hollow.  If it has a fault, it’s just that it has so much going on.  But I do absolutely love Ichabod Crane’s struggles to understand the modern life, and his wardrobe is fantastic.

sh-06-tom-publicity-singles_1803_lyThat coat!  That grey shirt!

I’m also quite fond of the Headless Horseman’s ensemble.  I scoured the internet looking for a clear picture, but failed to find the perfect one.  I love Hessian uniforms.  They are beautiful, even if they come sans head.


So add those to my previous favorite (and still-airing) shows: The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Justified, The Big Bang Theory, and Supernatural,  and I’m quite the happy little geek.

Oh – and Revolution.  I want to talk about that one, even though this is its second season.  It is another kind of mediocre show that I will never stop watching.  Even though I really hate most of the characters (Charlie, will you just DIE?) I still watch.  Because I absolutely love Monroe and Miles, and the relationship they have.  It is so well written, and so well acted.

I love this scene.

And I wish whoever uploaded that clip hadn’t cut it off where they did, because it goes on into the most badass two-handed sword fighting scene I have ever seen.  Sexy stuff, that fight.

If only they didn’t need to waste so much time with Charlie’s anger management and mother issues, and Aaron’s wacky new superpowers.  I don’t care those guys, Powers That Be.  Just let me see Monroe and Miles back together again…but not until after they’ve had a few more awesome fights.

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  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Sleepy Hollow were renewed for next year. Very happy about this.

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