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Shoe Obsessed. Tried to fight. Lost the battle.

For literally months now, I’ve been obsessing over Chucks.  Like these:


I do not need any more shoes.  But I keep going onto ebay and drooling over them.  I keep seeing them in movies – you’d think every single movie in the history of cinema has a pair of chucks in them.  I was watching The Basketball Diaries last night, and kept getting distracted from the plot by the shoes:


Then I went to sleep and dreamed about them, and that was the last straw.  I’m buying the shoes.

So it becomes a question of which color.   Should I get the classic black ones? Maybe red ones (that’s the Dr. Who influence!)  I really like the pink ones.

But finally I decided to stick with black, and here’s why.



Yay for pink or red laces!!!