Last blog before Europe!

Tomorrow I fly off to Iceland for three days, then onto the UK and Venice for just about three weeks!  It’s finally here – part of me won’t believe it until I’m actually on that plane. Say hello to travel mascot Oswin.  One must always travel with one’s octopus!

I’m all packed.  One carryon, and that’s it.

I’ll be taking lots of pictures, and blogging all about when I return.

In quick garden news, I did not get very many potatoes at all from growing them in trash cans. However, my summer was VERY unusually hot and dry, so I think that could have been a big factor in the failure. I intend to try again next year before I give it up as a bad idea.  I did get a couple of small baskets full.

And look at this this adorable little bean that seeded itself in my pavers!

You slave over your garden, improving your soil and watering, and fertilizing, and then stuff like this just happens. I wish it were a little earlier in the season – I’d like to know if would actually manage to grow any beans!

And one bit of sad news, I lost two of my chickens this month. Little Blue, my Grey Andalusian, died of egg peritonitis, I think, although I didn’t do an after-death examination to be sure.

And her sister, Isabelle went just this week. I’m not sure at all what her issue was, but she hadn’t laid any eggs in over a year, so maybe it was something amuck with her egg laying apparatus.  They were fairly young girls, only about two years.

It’s funny how that goes. I have four girls that are going on 6 years old now, and they are still laying and healthy.  It could be the breeds? Isabelle was a Cream Brabanter, and I don’t know if they are meant to be that hardy of birds.  She certainly seemed a bit fru-fru!

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