Election Day

This is a copy and paste from author Patrick Rothfuss’ blog:

Today, a lot of people will be encouraging you to vote.

Not me.

I’m encouraging you to do some research into the actual facts about the candidates up for election. I’m talking about real facts here. Not what you heard on a TV ad. Not some bullshit printed on a flier and mailed to you. Facts. Not spin. Not propaganda. Not some party line. Not some thing your friend heard about this guy this one time. Not fearmongering lies poured into your ear like some goddamn poison.  Facts, you fuckers. Facts!

Then and only then should you go out and vote.

If you vote without knowing the facts, you are barely a human being in my opinion.

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by a joint effort of the Committee for You People Getting Your Heads Out Of Your Asses and Americans Tired Of Our Government Being Fucked Up Because So Many People Are Content To Remain Ignorant, Easily Manipulated Sheep.

I’m SO HAPPY that Rothfuss has posted this.  The tv ads don’t bother me.  The phone calls don’t bother me.  The attacks, the name-calling – I ignore all of that rubbish.  What bothers me is all the people and groups calling for everyone to get out and vote as if that were The Most Important Thing.

No.  The most important thing is to do a little personal research and know who and what you’re really voting for.  If you’re the sort of idiot who is going to vote because of what you saw in an ad, or what your friend told you, or because you recognize a name you saw on a yard sign, then I don’t want you to vote. Period.

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