We all need socks, right?  Well, it occurred to me today that not everyone out is aware of the most fabulous place to buy socks EVER.

I am, of course, speaking of Sock Dreams.

Literally any sort of socks, leg warmers, or gloves you might desire are available on this site.  Really.  I’m not exaggerating!

You still think I’m exaggerating, don’t you?  Well okay then!  Here’s a very small sampling from their stock of literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of items.

Striped toe socks:


Fishnet knee highs.  (I’m so getting a pair of these!)


Over-the-knee socks.  These are purely fabulous for wearing under skirts on cold winter days.  And if the skirt’s long, and you’re wearing boots, feel free to get wild with the patterns and colors – when it’s grey out, we need a little color!


And if your skirt’s not long, or you’re not brave, they also come in plain colors.  In everything from light cotton to the most gorgeous soft and warm Angora.


These are my current favorites, that I only just discovered while I was looking for pictures to post here.   Stripes!  Pirates!  Yay!


And speaking of pirates, here’s one of their fingerless gloves.  I love fingerless gloves.  There is no sexier hand-wear…especially when it looks like this! I want these!  Want, want, want!!!


Ever wanted a pair of pantyhose with separate toes?  No?  Well, if you ever do, you’ll know where to go!


The socks come in every imaginable color and print…from stars & stripes….


…to the ever practical Hogwarts house colors.


And the truly thrilling part is that no matter whether you want one $3 pair of anklets, or twenty pairs of over-the-knee socks, shipping is always FREE.

Whether you’re looking for a costume accessory or just a wonderful pair of cozy socks, there’s only one place you need to go!

Oh.  And they also sell sock garters, garter belts, puffy crinoline skirts, skin glue, and a number of other odd and wonderful things.

4 responses to “Socks

  1. I’ve never been a fan of fingerless gloves. I don’t know about sexy, but the militantly practical side of me just rolls it’s eyes. Why wear gloves if your fingers are going to be sticking out and freezing? I’m sure your palms are warm and toasty, but your fingers deserve to be too!!!

    And skin glue? I’m not going to touch that one!

    • Ah, but fingerless gloves are great for when your hands are cold, but you need your fingers to be mobile. Like for shopping, when you need/want to be able to fondle all the pretty merchandise! I can’t buy if I can’t touch, and it’s a royal pain to be taking regular gloves on and off. I myself adore fingerless gloves with an abiding passion!

      I’m not entirely sure about the skin glue myself…but I can see wanting it for a costume *sometime*!

  2. Finally! Someone else who appreciates the GLORY that is fingerless gloves! I lurve them with a Celine Dion kind of lurve. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you that fingerless gloves are a glory! I’m plotting right now whether I can fit a pair into my new steampunk outfit….which would give me an excuse to buy more!

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