A Little Writing, a Little Costuming

It’s a funny thing, sometimes, when you meet a character for the first time in a story you’re writing.

I just finished posting a new chapter of my book-in-progress on Goodreads, and it was a fun chapter to write.  Not only did Pullo and Arassa get to fight (I know, I know, everyone’s waiting for that first kiss – it’s coming!), but I also got to meet my Chracian Queen.  She’s been briefly mentioned a few times, in other chapters, but this is the first time she appeared in the ink.

And she’s so completely different than who I thought she was.  I wasn’t even sure, the first few times I mentioned her in the story, that she was even going to be more than simply a character for other characters to talk about, and I envisioned her as this quiet little woman, one who doesn’t care if other people speak her story for her.  I even gave her (as a first-draft name) the name of a different woman, in a different book of mine – the name of someone who actually is a quiet little woman.

So imagine my delight in being surprised.  My main character, Arassa, might not be pleased to meet Cele, but I am.

And because that wasn’t much of post (I have Christmas gifts to wrap), I’m including these pictures.  They have zero to do with Arassa, but they’re so exceedingly cool.

For anyone who likes 18th century costuming, that is.


Look at the embroidery on that.  So gorgeous!


A close-up of the embroidery:


For even more pics, see the “Inspiration!” page on my costuming website:


4 responses to “A Little Writing, a Little Costuming

  1. Lovely article and I am looking forward to more images out on your website!

    I have a dear friend who is in Denmark. He too, is an historical costumer who specializes in 18th c and I think you would enjoy HIS photos of garments he has created and embroidered. He does amazing work indeed!!!

    I hope you have an enjoyable week. BTW, I am interested in link exchange with you, if you are agreeable.

    Lady Victoria of Essex
    Web: http://www.CostumingInSeattle.com
    Blog: http://SITUSeattle.wordpress.com

  2. I’m sorry, the link didn’t appear the first time. I try again. Here is the link to my friend in Denmark: http://www.my-drewscostumes.dk/

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