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Steampunk Cat

Here’s my latest sculpt, a miniature steampunk feline.  Cats, as you are probably aware, think it’s extremely unfair that those pesky (but tasty!) birds possess flight, and cats do not.  This ingenious aviator has decided to take matters into his own paws and restore justice to the universe.



I also love to get custom orders – all I need are photographs, and I can turn your own pet feline into a steampunk aviator!

Also check out my etsy.com store for more hand-sculpted figures.


Steampunk Penguin II

So here’s my latest steampunk penguin – this one has faux articulated wings!


And psssst… he’s for sale!  😆



I spend too much time on Etsy.com and eBay.com just lookin’, and for a while now I’ve noticed that when I find something I think is particularly cool, it has the search tag of “steampunk” attached to it. Finally, last night, I got curious enough to google the word. What is this thing that I so obviously like?

I found a wikipedia entry first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk

This partially explained my attraction, but then I stumbled across a list of words and phrases that encapsulate the steampunk alternate world:



Pocket watches

Gears and clogs

Wilson Safety Glasses

Neo Victorian dresses

Steam trains

Brass and copper

Mad scientists



Unusual inventions

This may be a sign of how truly (happily) strange I am, but I love all those things (except for the Wilson Safety Glasses…and that’s probably because I’ve never heard of them – another thing to google). And then I discovered that people actually create fabulous costumes based on the above things! At that point, I was officially lost.

It’s too late to make my own steampunk costume for Halloween – it’s going to take some serious magpie collecting to do this new culture right, but for next year? Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes! And worse still, since I enter Jacks (my dog) in the Petco Halloween Costume Contest every year, and pets can only win first place if their owners show ‘participation’ by dressing in a matching costume, Jacks is going to have her own steampunk costume as well. I visualize goggles, a pair of ‘Da Vinci’ canvas and wire and gear wings strapped to her back, and just perhaps…a little battery-operated propellor that actually propels.