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The Way of Kings

“It’s done.”

Are there any better words that could come out of author Brandon Sanderson’s mouth? Specifically, he’s done with his revision of his own book, “The Way of Kings”.  And it’s going to be released next year!

This is pee-your-pants-with-excitement good.  This is scare-your-dog-by-screaming-in-delight good.  This is I’ve-run-out-of-ways-to-describe-it good.

Brandon says on his blog:  “How did it turn out? Well, to be honest, it’s FANTASTIC. This is a monstrous, beastly, awesome epic of a book.”


I adore monstrous, beastly, awesome epics!  And I don’t even have to know anything at all about the contents to know it will be fantastic.  Brandon is just that sort of writer.

This particular book has been a long time coming.  It was going to be published some time ago, but then Brandon pulled it back because he felt it hadn’t reached the required level of monstrous and beastly awesome-ness.  It ended up with a no-cover, no listed information Amazon.com entry.

Well, Brandon’s fans took care of that!  If you want to read some hilarious faux reviews (complete with a hilarious faux book cover) check out:


Who knows what will happen to those reviews once the real book comes out, so you’d better read them quickly.  They’re worth it.


Brandon Sanderson

Interview with Brandon Sanderson about his latest novel: Warbreaker.  If you’re a fantasy fan and you haven’t read any of his books, what the heck are you waiting for?

In the interview, he calls his forthcoming book The Way of Kings “the project of his heart”, and judging by the way he lights up as he speaks about it, this one is going to be something spectacular!  I’m getting chills just thinking about it!