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Times and Titanic

This just in: according to a New York Times reporter, women are too stupid, shallow and sex-crazed to enjoy any form of fiction other than ‘woman’s literature’ – unless sexual content is added in and “tossed” to us.  Fantasy, it seems, is “boy fiction” and not for the likes of us.

Yes.  She really did say that.  I’m so infuriated that I wrote her a scathing email (although not nearly so scathing as I wanted to be.)  What a complete and total moron.  When I calm down enough to be nice, I’m sure I’ll feel very sorry for her.  It must be tough to be live inside such a teeny, tiny little world.

And, a day late, here’s a memorial to that legendary ship The Titanic.  It’s now 99 years since she went down.  She’s still missed.

Titanic Costumes

I so want these!