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Online Paper Dolls

These are incredibly cool, and incredibly gorgeous!  I’ve so envious of the clothes!

There are two dolls; one is a pirate and the other….is STEAMPUNK!!!


Steampunk Ring

This is beyond awesome.   So incredibly frickin’ cool.

Two Cool Things & Something I Should Do (Apparently)

Cool thing number one:

Abney Park is finally having another show in Seattle.  And according to Nathaniel’s twitter, they JUST MIGHT be premiering a brand new song, just written.  And according to Robert’s twitter, it’s the saddest song ever.   So far “Victoria” has the Abney Park crown as the “saddest song ever”, and it’s one of my personal favorites.  Yay for sad AP songs!

This year, most of the crew is coming – yes, I’ve managed to convert/infect a goodly portion of my friends with not only Abney Park, but also Steampunk.  One has just bought his first pair of goggles (Mike, I’m so proud!), one is sewing something steampunk from her first-ever costume pattern, and we’re going shopping at Value Village for the rest.  We’re such a large group we’ve had to rent a van to transport us all, and that’s not counting the few who are driving themselves.

If you’re reading this and you’ve not seen an Abney Park show, you’re missing out on something fabulous.  Besides the pure awesomeness of the band, they also bring in fire-dancers, aerialists – it is truly spectacular.  Details on purchasing tickets can be found here.

Cool thing number two:

I discovered this blog by accident.  It’s a year-long experiment by a self-described “painfully shy girl”.  She decided to go on a quest to do 250 completely uncharacteristic things before August 23, 2010.  She’s a terrific writer, and her posts are heart-felt and fascinating.  My favorite is this one, where, after quitting smoking she decides to take regular “bubble breaks” and manages to create a little wonder and magic in her neighborhood.  Go read it.  I think it will touch you as it touched me.

And lastly, apparently I should be blogging more about “mythological creatures”, because everyday, without fail, I get a ton of hits for that search – pretty funny, considering I’ve only written about that subject once!

A Must-See Film

Couldn’t love this trailer more.  Why is it all the films I really want to see lately are foreign?  Hopefully they’ll have a US release date soon…

Bad Faeries Ball – FaerieWorlds 2010

As I’ve mentioned before, I went to FaerieWorld’s Winter Celebration this January.  It was held in Eugene OR, which is a loooong drive from where I live.  So long, in fact, that we decided to take the train.  Amtrak was late arriving (as bloody usual) making us about two hours late getting in to Eugene.  It was 7:30 when our hotel shuttle picked us up at the station, and guess what?  The Good Faeries Ball began at 7:30.  Not good.  The shuttle guy offered to drop us at the theater and take our luggage back to the hotel, but we were starved, exhausted, and not in costume.  So since none of the performers at the Good Faeries Ball were especially exciting to us (we were mostly going for the Bad Faeries Ball), we decided to skip it.

The next day, we hit the daytime Faeriewords events, which were slightly underwhelming, but I did have the whole ‘celebrity experience’ – everyone gathering around me like I was famous and wanting to take my picture, so it wasn’t a total loss!  🙂  This steampunk outfit I put together is definitely one of my most popular ever – and people adored the wings.

I call it the “Mistress of Time” aka the Time Faerie, because it has all sorts of time-y details: watches, bottles of the ‘sands of time’ and all sorts of other awesome things.  For more pictures, and a making-of, you can check out my other blog: Dragonfly Designs by Alisa.  This costume is on the page called “Black and White Steampunk”.

My brother Jon, who came with me, also had his costume.  I made the half mask and the goggles.  The goggles are ‘Captain Robert’ approved; when I met him after the show, he complimented Jon on the goggles!  I’ll be putting the half mask up for sale; if anyone who’s reading this is interested, leave me a comment!

The second evening went much better; in fact it was pure fabulous fun!  The ‘Bad Faeries Ball’ was the real reason we’d gone to Eugene in the first place.  There were two bands that performed.  The second, Beats Antique, was awesome.  I didn’t take this video (Jon forgot to bring his video camera!) but here’s the sound:

Dancing to their music was Tribal Belly Dancer, Zoe Jakes, who was awesome.  I love the tribal style, and Zoe was as good as any of the big names, like Sharon Kihara or Rachel Brice.  And since I was right up against the stage (I could not have gotten any closer) she was right there.  When she danced with a huge pair of feather fans, she touched my face!  Again, this is not my video, but here she is dancing:

But before Beats Antique, there was….Abney Park.   I could not love this band any more than I do.  Their sound is so unusual, and the member themselves are so creative.  The lead singer, “Captain Robert” not only makes all the band’s awesome steampunk’d instruments, but he also made his own striped pants with tape and spray paint!   What costumer couldn’t love a guy like that???   🙂

I met Daniel’s daughter, Lilli, before the show.  She’s so cute, and she loved my wings.  During the song where the guitarist/violinist Nathaniel needs someone to hold his violin (he trades back and forth rapidly between the two instruments) Robert pulled Lilli up onto the stage.

She (not surprisingly) was more interested in watching her dad than in watching for Nathaniel’s cues!

Afterward, she danced with Robert’s wife (keyboardist Kristina) while Robert looked on and smiled.

Then the two guitarists had a battle (Nathaniel and Daniel)….

And I think Nathaniel thinks he won….

Robert became jealous of Nathaniel’s coolness and tried a bit of air/mike guitar:

This was the first show I’d seen since their fabulous dancer/backup singer quit, so I was slightly nervous about how I’d like the new girl, Jody Ellen.  I shouldn’t have worried.  She was perfect for them, so full of energy and fun.

Robert and his family had only just returned from several weeks’ vacation, and I think he still had a bit of ‘vacation brain’ happening, because he brought along a cheat sheet of lyrics for ‘Aether Shanty’ – which has, in his words, “really long words”!  Really long words didn’t explain why he also forgot the lyrics to  “Airship Pirates”.  He stopped midsong, laughing, and asked for a volunteer from the audience to help him out.  Turns out, that the volunteer (though very excited to be on stage) didn’t know the lyrics either!  Not my video, but here’s the song as it turned out:

After the show, I met the band, got a CD signed for my friend Bonnie, and introduced myself to Robert as the fan who sculpted him in miniature.  His “action figure” as he called it!  He remembered me, said he LOVED it, and grabbed the rest of the band to tell them that “This is her!  She’s the one who made it!”

So I got a picture with him (which unfortunately didn’t turn out well – but hey, that’s only an excuse to snuggle up with him next time, right???)

All-in-all, it was a perfect night!

Cakes, Marvelous, Unbelievable Cakes!

I was checking out a fellow costumer’s blog, when I came across a fabulous steampunk coat she’d created for this fellow’s wedding.  From there, I clicked on the fellow’s site, to see more pics (because this was a marvelous wedding, folks, filled with tall ships, bustles, and rayguns!).

But what really filled me with awe was the wedding cake:

Wow.  Just wow.  And from there I went to the cake designer’s site, and you have got to go look!  From the gallery menu, don’t miss the purse and shoe cakes in the “haute couture” section or the children’s “pop-up book” in the children’s cake section.  Unbelievable.  And the prices seem reasonable, too, considering that if I bought a cake like that I’d never be able to cut it up and eat it – I’d want to put it behind glass and stare at it like the piece of art it is!

Steampunk Personified

These guys are amazing.  The amount of detail each member of the League of Steam puts into their character, costume, and weaponry is incredible.  The technology actually functions…as was demonstrated at an Abney Park concert….


And now they’ve branched out into a  hilarious youtube video series!

Awesome Coolness

It seems like lately I’ve been coming across all these Awesome Things of Win, and thinking that I needed to blog about them.  But instead I end up checking my facebook and going to bed.  I now have a massive backlog, and since bed is still a good 5 – 6 hours away, I’m going to play a bit of catch-up.

First off, an Abney Park update.


It was the squee heard ’round the world when Captain Robert updated his livejournal to announce the new album was DONE.  Yes!  And not only DONE, but slated to be released around the 14th of this month.  Guess who is not only buying a copy for herself, instantly, but is also buying a few more for Christmas gifts?  Yup.  How can you resist giving the gift of steampunk to your nearest and dearest?

Second, (and equally dear to my heart) is a David Tennant update.  While this didn’t quite rate a squee, it did get a gasp of surprise that bought the family over to the computer to see what I was surfing.


His next project will be playing a lawyer on AMERICAN TV.  Which accent will he use?  I’m rooting for his natural Scottish one.  Plus, is there any chance at all NBC will make him wear a kilt?  I guarantee it will raise the ratings among the female demographic!

And now, a bit of shopping.  Etsy has such awesome stores.  Too bad I personally can’t afford anything in this store.  Their steampunk-inspired stuff is bloody fabulous.  Look at this:


Or this:


I think I’m going to have to stop thinking about taking up leatherwork, and just buy me a piece of leather.

More elegant is this store:


Masks, chokers, bracelets, and all manner of tatted goodness.  Check out her ankle-wear:


And then there’s the absolutely freaking fabulous steampunk store, Clockwork Couture.  I am always in love with the fashion I find on this site, but was particularly struck by this new piece: The Time Traveler’s Corset.


Newspaper!  With keys and other things attached!

timetravelercorsetcloseup copy_0

And lastly, speaking of time travel, one of the few ways we can do it is through films.  I was delighted when the creator of this highly useful blog found me on my dress diary site, and introduced me to it.  She tracks period films, both released and upcoming, on tv and in the theater.  She has interviews with actors, trailers, rumors, and photographs.  For a costumer, this site is pure gold.  My favorite feature is the “latest news and upcoming films” feature.  Here’s just a tiny glimpse of the films on the list:

Cleo – a musical version of the story of Cleopatra, set in the 1920’s. I don’t know about you, but this just fills me with glee.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  It has a release date of 2010, and it’s based on one of the best and most perfect novels ever written.

Upstairs, Downstairs.  They’re doing a re-make!  Yes!!!!!

The Queen.  This is a miniseries event about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, staring 5 different actresses (to play her at different decades in her life) and set to air this month.  In the UK, of course, but hopefully it’ll come either to BBC America or at least to DVD.

And the list of films goes on and on.  It’s brilliant!

Steampunk in Victoria, BC

While I was on Facebook today, I discovered this.  There’s going to be a “Victorian Steam Exposition” May 15 & 16, in Victoria, BC.

Now first off, if there ever was a steamy city, it’s Victoria.  So Victorian, so unique, so cool.  And better still, it’s being held in the Crystal Gardens.  The Crystals gardens is one of the most awesome glass buildings I’ve ever seen.  It used to be a swimming pool:


And then, (during the time I first visited it) it was an actual tropical garden, filled with parrots and monkeys and all manner of beauty:


They’ve since closed the Crystal Gardens, and it looked like it could be gone forever, but now it’s open again, in its latest incarnation: a convention center.  It’s such a lovely building.  It will be perfect for a steampunk gathering.

Although, I will miss the marmosets.  I’m not a fan of monkeys in general, but who could resist one of these?


So cute!


Awesome Website – Necromance

Rarely have I been so completely riveted by a website as I was by this one.  Seriously, it was like a trip to a museum, and is perfect for anyone with the slightest bend toward natural history, goth, steampunk, or pirates. (Um yeah, am I the only one who hits all four of those….?)

Are you curious yet?

Where else can you find exquisite lace parasols, skull buttons, coffin flasks, brass keys, edible insects, feathers, preserved genuine spiders’ webs, fans, metal birds’ feet, bones of all varieties (including a mink penis bone!), x-rays of all sorts of critters, bat and butterfly wings, tiny glass vials, shells, vintage medical instruments, kitty cat postcards, and Hitler’s postage stamps?

Where else can you find this?


It’s an absinthe labeled business card holder! So perfect for those of the Steampunk variety!  I want one!

Or this:


That is a genuine mouse paw, preserved in a locket.  I’m fairly certain I don’t want one, but I find it…interesting.  And who knows?  Perhaps someday there will be a costume which requires a mouse foot.  I don’t put it beyond the realm of possibility, since only a few short years ago I was scouring the internet for a preserved chicken foot.  (For a “Jack Sparrow” costume, in case you wanted to know, and yes, this website does sell preserved chicken feet – where were they when I needed them?)

How about this?


A skeleton marionette!  Now honestly, who doesn’t want one of these?  I could so take one of these to faire as an accessory to my pirate garb….

Other things I want are the scarab poison ring (actually been looking for one of these, so I’m definitely buying it), and assorted skull beads.  I’m always looking for skull beads for my pirate costuming, and these guys have awesome ones.  I also love some of the bone jewelry, the skull pill box, the glass vials, and the feathers.  There’s also an “eye” bracelet that would be so awesome with something… either pirate or steampunk….

Go here.  Go now.  Prepare to be amazed, intrigued, and sometimes, just a tiny bit grossed out.