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The World Needs More Chickens…

I’ve mentioned (possibly longer than a year ago) that we were planning to get a few backyard chickens.  Due to one member of the family being a coop-planning perfectionist with dreams of glory, we’re only now breaking ground.

One day, it will be gorgeous!  Right now, it has a moat, since rain has filled the foundation ditch with water since I took this picture!

Mom and Jacks out deepening the moat….

Jacks is supervising (while keeping a sharp eye out for earthworms):

And meanwhile, what’s the cat doing to help?

When the coop is finished, here’s the sign for the outside:

I’ve already chosen the breeds we’ll be getting, a selection of 8 or 10 different varieties, mostly all heritage/old-fashioned breeds.  Here’s the first on my list, the Silver Cuckoo Maran.

The babies look like this:

What’s notable about the Marans, is the deep chocolate color of their eggs: