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New Year, New Egg, New Fence, New Plants.

Well, first of all, I had a lovely surprise this morning when I discovered one of our new chicken-girls had laid her first egg!

It belongs to either Isabella or Little Blue, and I suspect Little Blue.  There was absolutely NO commotion, and Little Blue is a quiet little girl.  Isabella is already becoming known for her voice.  I can tell her calls from all the others because she always ends in a super high-pitched note.

It was mostly sunny today, which was nice after the drenching rain of yesterday.  We grabbed our chance to work on the new fence for the front yard vegetable garden.  Here’s what it looked like right before we started.

The driveway with the white truck belongs to our neighbor.  All the mess is cardboard/plastic to help kill grass, and in-process-of-building raised beds.  It is a proper disaster now, and no mistake!

Here’s what it looks like now.

I wish we were allowed to make the fence a little higher – I’d love to add just enough height to block the top of his truck, because it would look so much neater.  But already, the privacy is SO much better.

Here’s a shot from the neighbor’s side:

Those stones and wood belong to him.  The fence is super easy to install.  We just pounded T-posts into the ground, and wired the fence to the posts.

And then, of course, while I’m all excited about the new garden, my Raintree catalog came.  I want about $2,000 worth of trees and shrubs, but until I strike it rich, I settled for three plants.

A Peach Sorbet Blueberry.

peach-sorbet-blueberry-collagePeach Sorbet blueberries produce gorgeous foliage ranging from peachy pink to orange to emerald green and turns purple during the winter making it a true year-round beauty. But, the real treat is their peach-sweet blueberry taste. It’s compact shape makes it perfect for containers. It reaches only 2 feet tall.

If this one does well, eventually I’ll get a few more and make a hedge on the yard side of my new fence.

I also got a Crandall Currant.  I have been searching for this plant every since I found one growing in a test garden.  The flowers smell very strongly of cloves!  Such a wonderful smell.

And lastly, I bought a columnar apple.  I think it will go in the chicken yard, against their coop wall.  If it seems to grow well, next year I’ll get another to go beside it.


Oh, and I finally broke my boots while working today (the back seam ripped out) so I ordered New Boots.