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I’ve posted pictures of my finished dolls and/or sculpted figures here before, but it occurred to me that it would be fun to post a couple in progress.

This is my first lady pumpkinhead.  She requires only a bit of sanding, and then she’ll be ready to paint.


Here’s her back:


And here’s one still in the sculpting phase, although he’s getting close to being done.


Does he look familiar?  Check out this pic:


Yep.  I’m making my very own Capt’n Robert of Abney Park. (Making his microphone’s going to be the biggest challenge…)

Visit my doll-making site for more pictures and information:


Steampunk Penguin

I collect penguins, sculpt Paperclay dolls & figures, and love steampunk.  I guess it was inevitable that when I finally got around to making a collectible for myself, it was going to be a steampunk penguin.


Since penguins are flightless, I thought it logical that if a penguin were to invent anything steamy, it would be a set of wings.


He’s sculpted entirely by hand, without the use of any molds, his wings are canvas, and he has several little watch gears built into his invention. He’s about 3″ tall.


He was so much fun, that now I’m thinking of doing a whole collection of steamy beasts – all I need are some good ideas.  What would animals choose  to invent?  Would a turtle want speed?  Would a cat desire a better mousetrap?

For more info and pics about my creations, visit www.freewebs.com/alisakester