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Hardwick Hall

I think Paris is pretty much out of the picture, as far as the 2015 trip is concerned.  I should have realized: England is my true love, and there’s no reason why I can’t have a stop-over there on my to Egypt AND my way back home!

So….new pre-Egypt plan:
Arrive at Heathrow airport, and take the bus directly from the airport to Bath.  I adore Bath.  I was there, once, for a few hours, and I need to return.  It’s the perfect get-over-jet-lag city.  A couple of days in Bath is just the thing I want, with the addition of a day-trip to the Cotswolds!   I’ve even found a perfect place to stay…probably. I’m torn between the various options.  This is what is so cool about cities outside of London.  For the same price as a teeny, tiny hotel room in London, I can have all of this!

A fully furnished (with books, even!) one bedroom apartment, right in the center of town.

Look at the kitchen!  Complete with dishes and tea kettle!  And, I’m told, the owner stocks the fridge with enough food for a few simple breakfasts.

I love the bathroom sink.

And for my post-Egypt plans, I thought of a wonderful day-trip that just HAS to happen.  I’ve been researching my ancestors, and my absolute favorite direct-blood ancestor is Bess of Hardwick.  She was personal friends with Queen Elizabeth I – so much so that when Elizabeth needed her cousin Mary Queen of Scots held prisoner, Bess was trusted to do the job in Bess’ own home.

Bess was an amazing woman, and an example of how women of different eras weren’t confined by their sex, regardless of what some historians would like us to believe.  Bess was a remarkable woman, who built a remarkable house when she was in her 70s.  This house, Hardwick Hall.

(ps…the exterior was also used as the Malfoy house in the Harry Potter films!)

The house is open for tours, as is the ruins of the first Hardwick Hall (where Mary Queen of Scots was held).

Ruins are pretty awesome too.

I’m totally taking a day-trip from London; how cool will it be to stand in the ‘family home’?  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.