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Garden Disasters and Missing Chickens

I have a terrible time with corn.  Last year, the squirrels ate the little mini-ears I was growing…right before I was going to harvest them.

This year it was wind.

Yup, my gorgeous corn stalks looked like this in the morning.

At least a few of the ears were far enough along to harvest, although it would have been better if they’d been able to stay on there a couple more weeks.

This is Glass Corn, the prettiest corn in the world.  Every ear is a different color.

It’s a not a fresh eating corn; it’s meant for flour, or popcorn.  I’m going to go with popcorn.

And look!  Here’s a random cabbage!

I love colorful vegetables.  They are so gorgeous in the garden.

Yesterday, one of my chickens got lost.  I went out to shut them in the coop for the night, and Josie, my Barnvelder was just…gone.  I looked in the coop, and in all the various yards they currently have access to.  I called her.  I asked the other chickens where she was.  No one knew.

And then I found her.  And made a video, because if you can’t use the internet to shame your chickens into proper behavior, what else can you do????

And then, after I filmed her, I took her out of the bucket and discovered what she’d been up to.

These are all her eggs.  And here I thought she was not laying because she was heading into a molt!  I still can’t figure out how she was getting in and out of that bucket.

Crazy chicken.  It’s not as if she doesn’t have perfectly wonderful nest boxes…complete with pink curtains!