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A Must-See Film

Couldn’t love this trailer more.  Why is it all the films I really want to see lately are foreign?  Hopefully they’ll have a US release date soon…

Titanic Costumes

I so want these!

Sherlock Holmes!

Yay!  There’s a trailer up for the new Sherlock Holmes film.  It looks gorgeous.  I couldn’t quite tell if Robert Downey’s version of Holmes meshes with my version (I’ve been in love with Holmes ever since I discovered the stories and spent a month reading nothing else), but I’m willing to give him a shot, since I think Downey is brilliant.  And at least they’re not going to portray Watson as a bumbling idiot, which is the reason I will not watch certain other adaptations.  Gah.  Don’t even get me started!

But here’s the trailer (and be sure to watch in the HQ mode):

I’m far more excited about this film than I am about Harry Potter!