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Signed Books

I love getting the mail.

Today, I received my signed copy of Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris! This one’s especially cool, because not only did he sign it to me personally, but he also included a lovely message.


I thought it was funny when Neil Gaiman’s signature looked like “Nei Gul”…well, I can’t begin to even make letters out of Sanderson’s scrawl. It is decorative, though. I have to wonder if it’s one he invented just for signing books, or if it’s the one he’s always used. Can you sign checks with a signature like that, for instance?

I also like how “guy” his writing is. 😆

Next on my quest for signed books, Scott Lynch (assuming he ever comes out of hiding – the guy’s P.O. Box is closed, and his website and livejournal haven’t been updated in over a year) and the most holy of holy signature grails, J.K. Rowling.

I also want signed books from Susanna Clarke, Robin Hobb, Stephen King (nearly as impossible as Rowling), Robert McCammon, and Cody McFadyen.