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Dr. Who Sings! He Dances! (Maybe)

Tennant Eyes Dr Who Musical

21 December 2008 11:53 PM, PST | From wenn.com

Doctor Who star David Tennant is keen for the cult TV show to be turned into a musical – because he loves “a song and a dance.”

The Scottish actor is adamant the sci-fi programme would easily translate to the stage, but would prefer to keep a musical version on TV screens as it would be difficult to find the time for a long-running live production.

He says, “Doctor Who: The Musical has been mentioned. I would be up for it. I love a song and a dance. The thing about a musical is you have to commit for a year and a half and it’s eight times a week.”

Tennant was recently forced to pull out of his run in a London production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet due to a back injury.

This is just a quickie, but I had to post about this. Three of my favorite things in the world are Dr. Who, David Tennant, and musicals….but together? If it’s done right, it could be great, something along the line of the supreme coolness that was the Buffy musical. If we could just get Joss Whedon on board – he is a WhoFan, and there was talk of him directing/writing an episode….

I’m just not sure the world is ready for a conga line of dancing Ood. On the other hand, there is this to prepare us:


Bonnie’s Guide to Doctor Who

Beginning with the most important thing first, this is the Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant.

The Doctor’s actual name is a mystery – he’s known only as “The Doctor”. At various times in the episodes, someone will ask “Doctor who?“, thus giving the show its name. He doesn’t like weapons, so pretty much the only piece of equipment he carries is his trusty ‘sonic screwdriver’, a gadget that (presumably) unscrews things, but also does a bit of everything else. The Doctor is the last of his kind, a species of time-traveling aliens known as ‘Time Lords’.

He travels in his TARDIS.

A product of Time Lord technology, a properly maintained and piloted TARDIS can transport its occupants to any point in time and space. The interior of a TARDIS is much larger than its exterior, which can blend in with its surroundings through the ship’s chameleon circuit. In the series, the Doctor pilots an unreliable TARDIS, whose chameleon circuit is faulty, leaving it locked in the shape of a 1950s-style London police box after a visit to London in 1963. Unsurprisingly, it’s often referred to as the ‘blue box’.

The Doctor customarily travels at least one human companion, most commonly a female. These women are usually head-over-heels with him (well, look at his picture again and see if you blame them!) but he pretty much just wants a friend and isn’t interested in anything more.

In the first and second seasons, it was Rose Tyler.

Third season, it was Martha:

Fourth season, it was Donna (my personal favorite!)

And that’s it. That’s everything you need to know to jump in and enjoy the episode “Blink”. (We’ll talk Daleks later…)

No wait – one more thing – you gotta have the theme song stuck in your head….


To anyone who isn’t Bonnie, why yes. I am shamelessly using my blog to corrupt my friend into becoming a Who-fanatic!