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Ebay.  What did costumers do before there was ebay?

I’ve nearly completed my first steampunk outfit (the more dressy geisha/kimono one) and now I’m thinking ahead to the second.  I’m planning on attending the first annual Steamcon, and I’ve got to have at least two outfits, seeing as how it’s a three day affair!  (With a concert by Abney Park, yay!)


So I went onto ebay in the search of some required props for my second outfit (the airship pirate).  Here’s what I found, and won:

Boots, with buckles:


I’ll totally wear these in Real Life, too.  I love them.


Here’s what the seller (from Tibet!) had to say about his product:

This is a rare occident manner crystal pocket watch. It was made of crystal and copper. You can read the time from the pointer and set time from front. But it goes well, it was made of height quality crystal and copper. This is very rare the time. Because this is very difficult to do at the time. You can see the shape of very beautiful. In time it only use rich family, Please take a close look at my pictures. If you like pocket watch, please don’t miss the chance to get it! Enjoying your Bidding!

I love descriptions by people who don’t have English as a first language.  “You can see the shape of very beautiful…” It sounds like poetry.  Also, because I don’t think this seller has ever heard of steampunk, he didn’t use it as one of his tags in the auction.  Hence, even though it is packed with gears and extremely steamy, I got it for a steal, with no one bidding against me.


This is an ancient Chinese-style lock.  It’s functional.  I’m not sure how I’ll use it yet, but it’ll fit in a costume somewhere!


I like crossbows.  I like pistols.  I think if I steampunk this up a bit, it’ll fit perfectly with my persona.  Much cooler than a modified Nerf gun, because everyone seems to have one of those!  Also, at some point (maybe Halloween?) I’m going to do a vampire hunter costume, and this would so work for that as well.  Plus, it was only $9.  And it shoots, so I can have some fun with it, before I mod it up.

Can’t wait for my parcels to start arriving….