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Fertile Hatching Quail Eggs

The Great Quail Adventure begins…now!  I ordered the eggs from Stromberg’s, and they arrived today.  And just like when I ordered live chicks through the mail, the Post Office screwed up.

First of all, they were supposed to call me when the box arrived, and I was supposed to pick the eggs up at the PO.  I even made a point of calling the PO and letting them know the eggs were coming, and refreshing their memories on the procedure.

I did not get a call this morning, so I assumed the eggs would be in tomorrow.  Imagine my annoyance when I discovered they had been delivered to my house, instead.  I really did not want the poor eggs bouncing around in a mail carrier’s truck all day.

And then, despite this label being on the box:

The box looked like this:

Sigh.  I was so afraid the eggs would all be crushed.

They were packed nicely, though, and all seem to have survived.

We ordered three dozen eggs, one each of three varieties of coturnix quail.




My partner in the Great Quail Adventure and I speculated that perhaps the different varieties of quail would have differently marked eggs, but how odd it is that the eggs’ markings seem to be completely random!

The eggs are now “resting” from their shipping trauma, and after the recommended number of hours of rest, they will go into the incubator.  And then we will see if these little guys will hatch.

They are so tiny!