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Costume Con 30

This past weekend, I flew to Phoenix to attend Costume Con 30.  This is a con just for people who like to costume, so you really might see anything there.

Like a group of butterflies in 18th Century gowns:

This blue butterfly was my favorite costume!  I am so envious of the gorgeousness!

I also met Twila, who had my second favorite dress at the con.  A more historically accurate Snow White.  This costume is based on a piece of artwork, and I’d been wishing I’d see someone bring it to life.  Twila, you are amazing, and I’m so glad I got to meet you!

Katherine was also there (in the gorgeous black dress) and I was a bit awestruck to discover she’s a real person, since I’ve been following her blog and admiring her costuming for ages.

She and Twila entered the Historical Masquerade in their tennis dresses, and won a whole boatload of ribbons.  Their workmanship was particularly admired, and the MC told us that he wished we could see the underpinnings.  My group was delighted when, after the Masquerade, we all went out for a bit of dinner, and Katherine and Twila actually disrobed right there at the bar to show us their lovely bustles and corset.  I can say the MC was quite correct…the workmanship was amazing.

Other favorite costumes include:

A Captain America USO girl (I swear I’m making this costume someday…)

A Steampunk Sally!

A patriotic steampunk outfit using the blue stars fabric that I was just looking at in JoAnn’s and thinking someone needs to make a patriotic steampunk costume out of this.

And then, of course, there were the ladies I actually flew to AZ to meet.  One of them, Arte, I’ve known for years.  She’s the one who pushed me into starting my costuming blog.  She is my long-lost sister from another brother-in-law (as explained on The Guild.)  Seriously, we are so alike in our tastes it is scary.  We had the same toothbrush!  And we are very good at enabling each other to buy flying pig sunglasses, trim, and patterns.  Very, very good…..

That is Arte on the left. My other friend, Erin, is on the right.  She is wearing a Green Bay Packer costume.  I would not even know who or what the Green Bay Packers were, if it weren’t for Erin.

Arte won one of my favorite outfits as well, her 18th Century “Sew Crazy” gown. That is an actual measuring tape used as trim!

I also met long-time internet friend Laura U.  She fits in well with our crazy.

And some I’d met before like Glynnis:

(We had plenty of secrets to tell…)

And Suzette:

And a facebook friend and fan of my blog, Laura V.  Who was so much fun!

The whole group was so much fun, and I’m so glad I had a chance to meet everyone at last!

I loved Erin “Fishing Opener” costume:

Which had quite the surprise on the back:

We all had fun dressing up:

And dressing up:

And taking pictures of each other:

And winning Judges’ Choice for our entry in the Masquerade “All the Whos in Whoville”.

I wore my Red Velvet Birdcage:

And my Cupcake Dress:

And my Edwardian Day Outfit:

And my Edwardian Evening Dress:

Of which I made a video:

And my Tenth Doctor outfit:

I even managed to attend a couple of panels…but mostly all I did was hang out with some of the most fabulous ladies ever.