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Chicken Food

In my last post, I mentioned that I don’t feed my girls commercial layer food, but rather make my own feed out of grains.  Someone commented to ask what my recipe is, and I thought I would make a quick post about it – just in case anyone else is curious!


It’s really not much of a recipe!  Since the Girls get to forage for bugs and greens on their own, I simply give them a mixture of about 70% wheat and 30% oats.  I tried adding kelp into the mix, but they wouldn’t eat it, so I stopped.  They say that hens “need” to eat the balanced layer food, but I’m skeptical.  Wild chickens don’t get layer food, and they have managed to survive!  I think grains are more natural, than processed soy and GMO corn (which is in most of the layer mixes.)  And like I said, the Girls are large and healthy, but not at all fat.  And their feathers are lovely and glossy, which is a sure sign they’re getting enough good stuff in their diet.  And even though they are three years now, and supposedly they are getting past laying age, they are still laying wonderfully in the summer.  They don’t lay in the winter, but I also don’t believe in forcing winter laying by putting lights in their coop.

And while I’m talking about feathered beasties, it seems that the quail formerly known as “Amelia Peabody” is now going to have to change his name to “Emilio Peabody”.

Yup.  This little mystery white quail is all grown up…and crowing.  Good thing I can keep more than one male quail in my size of coop, because I really like her…er…him.