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Well, until I’m published…

…and my publishers choose some god-awful cover for my books that make my readers want to rip the covers off, I’ve discovered a new game!

I’m a member of deviantart.com, and while I was browsing other artist’s collections and galleries, I thought: I wonder what a good cover for my books-in-progress would look like? So I started looking for that perfect illustration among the many talented artists of deviantart.

First, for my two book YA series, I found these:



It’s not perfect, because of the girl’s dress, but otherwise I really like it.

And for the sequel, I found these two:





Again, clothing not quite right, and Jossa, my heroine doesn’t have red hair – but the atmosphere is spot-on.

And for the book for which I’m currently writing chapters and posting to goodreads.com, I did find a few. It’s surprisingly hard to find a ‘goddess-type’ girl with red hair in an ancient Roman stola who looks conflicted about her powers, not merely murderous! Also not topless, or completely nude, but for a bit of artfully draped silk. Arassa is not a girl to rule a kingdom while dropping bits of her clothing through the throne room!



I like this one, but I’m not sure why my heroine Arassa would be so intently staring into a vase. But she does look like she’s struggling with a weighty decision, and though the clothing is a bit skimpy, at least she’s not full-on topless like so many of the deviantart goddesses are!



Part of the action in Arassa’s story does happen on a ship, and while I do like her hair and the torn tunic,  I’m pretty sure that Arassa won’t be walking a plank.



So that makes this last piece of illustration the winner to date. Good hair, good costume, suitable conflict and drama…it only lacks a battlefield below the cliff she’s standing on.