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Doctor Who Theme…with lyrics

This makes me so happy – it quite honestly is the coolest thing I’ve seen/heard in some time.

And just an fyi on Matt Smith’s Doctor…okay….okay….I’m liking him now. David Tennant was still better, but I’m coming to the conclusion that mostly why I *thought* I disliked Matt’s version was because of my VAST hatred for Amy.  I hate her.  I hate her interactions with the Doctor, I hate who the Doctor is when he’s around her, and I in opinion the only thing good to come of Amy Pond was River Song.  I can’t wait for Amy to leave the show.

That said, Moffat has totally redeemed himself by his writing on this season, and love River Song so much I’d totally forgive him even if the writing did suck.

And, I’m putting this in writing: the Doctor who was killed in The Impossible Astronaut? That was a ganger…specifically, ganger #3.  Hence that Doctor calling himself “1103”.   There’s a reason you never saw that Doctor with the TARDIS –  and it’s not because station wagons are….cool?   😉

Times and Titanic

This just in: according to a New York Times reporter, women are too stupid, shallow and sex-crazed to enjoy any form of fiction other than ‘woman’s literature’ – unless sexual content is added in and “tossed” to us.  Fantasy, it seems, is “boy fiction” and not for the likes of us.

Yes.  She really did say that.  I’m so infuriated that I wrote her a scathing email (although not nearly so scathing as I wanted to be.)  What a complete and total moron.  When I calm down enough to be nice, I’m sure I’ll feel very sorry for her.  It must be tough to be live inside such a teeny, tiny little world.

And, a day late, here’s a memorial to that legendary ship The Titanic.  It’s now 99 years since she went down.  She’s still missed.

Bollywood + The Guild

I thought The Guild’s fabulous “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” music video was awesome.  Turns out I’ve just been schooled in what’s really awesome….

….and it’s The Guild’s new music video.  It brilliantly spoofs Bollywood while staying in character.  I love it.  I can’t stop watching it!

Check it out

Meant to be

You already know I’m a total geek, right?  So this won’t shock you:

I’ve wanted one of these lifesize cardboard standups of the Doctor ever since I became a fan.  Problem was, they only seemed to sell them in the UK, and shipping was just a bit too much (as in hugely too much) expensive.  So when I recently discovered they had crossed the pond, and were now selling on American Ebay…I had to do it.

Me and the Doctor…together at last.  🙂

Tibute to Doctor Who

This is brilliant.  And be sure to watch during the credits for a hilarious bonus track!

We Have a Date!

US Start Date

BBC America Announces US Start Date

BBC America has announced that their broadcasts of the new series of Doctor Who will start on April 17th. The date has been reported in the Hollywood trade paper Variety, and has been confirmed on BBC America’s website and Facebook page.

The start date for UK broadcast has not yet been officially confirmed. There are reports that a trailer has aired with the date of April 3rd, but this may have been broadcast in error. The BBC’s official position is that the series will debut “at Easter”.

YouTube Videos

To tide you over until I return from FaerieWorlds in Eugene, OR with lots of pics, vids, and stories to tell, here’s two of the coolest youtube videos to cross my path this week.

Why do we watch period films?  I don’t know about you, but I do it for the dresses and the dancing.  So really, all I need to watch is this video:

About halfway in, there’s even footage of David Tennant in 1700’s menswear (so cute!) and yes, he’s dancing!

And since Lost is starting its final season next week, here’s a great parady video of all the questions we need answers for.  Lost.  Best show ever that you won’t understand.  Personally, I’d watch just for the smoke monster and Sawyer.  And Ben.  This last season I’d watch just for Ben.

An Early Christmas Present for Myself…

I’ve long been a friendly internet stalker of Aimee Major Steinberger.  I love her various blogs, her art, her costume-making skills, and I adore her book on Japan.  I didn’t think anything would make me want to go to Japan, but this book did!  Plus, she’s a gardener, anime/cosplay fan, and a Dr Who fanatic.

Recently on her blog, she offered copies of her sketchbook for $4 – and, if you ordered one, she would do a sketch of your choice in the back.  Yes!

Here’s my copy:

And here’s a copy of the sketch she did for me personally:

Yes, you know it….of course I asked her to sketch the 10th Doctor!

And speaking of the Doctor, don’t forget that tonight is the US premiere of The Waters of Mars on BBC America.  I’ve seen it, and it’s marvelous.

The Rat Incident

I follow Jorge (Hurley from Lost) Garcia’s blog “Dispatches from the Island“.  He’s funny and down-to-earth, and I love his little mini-updates and adventures.

Recently, though, there’s been an Incident with a Rat in his home.  And it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in ages; it just keeps getting better and better.  The video saga is not yet finished, but he’s posted parts 1 through 4.

Click here for part onePart twoPart three. And finally part four.

Fabulous new songs.

Love this one – and I guess it’s so new it hasn’t even hit Amazon or iTunes yet:

Ellenore and Jakob danced an incredible routine to it on So You Think You Can Dance (choreography by the incomparable Sonya).  I wanted to post a video of that, but no one’s put it up on YouTube yet.

And this, I was introduced to it by Mike, who says it just makes him happy every time he hears it.  It has the same effect on me!