If I Were Saying Goodbye…

An atheist friend of mine once told me: “If Christians really believe in what they say they do, they would be the biggest a******s in the world if they didn’t tell everyone. Which is why I don’t mind when Christians tell me about God.”

He’s right. We would be the biggest…jerks…in the world if we didn’t share the most amazing story in the world, the truth that not only lifts people today out of the most appalling lives of drug addiction, hopelessness, and anxiety, but also guarantees us an eternal life of absolute abundance and joy. If we believe this, we have to share it, because not sharing it would be the most horrible act of selfishness we could ever do.

Particularly now, when the world as we know it is just about to come to an end. There is not much time left. Perhaps only days. Perhaps this is the last blog post I will ever write – and oh, how I hope that is the truth! And if it is, there are four things I want you to know:

God loves you. Regardless of who you are, or what you’ve done, God loves you so much that he died to save your life.

No matter how good you think you are, you’re not good enough to save yourself. You’ve lied, stolen, and wished evil upon other people – which in God’s view is the same as if you’d actually murdered them. But God loves you anyway.

God wants, more than anything else, to give you a life of joy and utter, complete happiness and abundance. The proof of his existence is literally everywhere you look, and if you genuinely ask him, he will reveal himself to you.

When the genuine Christians are supernaturally taken off this earth, when judgement begins, and all the terrible things I’ve warned you of begin to happen, it’s not too late. The Bible says everyone who cries out to God will be saved. If you won’t cry out to him now, remember this. Please remember this. It’s not too late.


And if you genuinely don’t know where to begin, if you’ve been raised outside of the church and have only a vague idea of who Jesus is, or why he matters, consider watching the film below. If nothing else, Christianity and Jesus are a major part of history, and the driving force behind everything that has happened here on earth. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?

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