Garden Things

Just a few quick things…and a chicken video at the end.


I was reading the Art of Doing Stuff (highly, HIGHLY recommend her blog…and not just because I was the reader who told her about Grow a Little Fruit Tree!) and she mentions she puts zip lock bags around her baby apples to protect them from pests. I don’t really have much trouble with bug pests, but I do have crazy squirrels. I’m wondering if bagging the apples will be enough to throw them off?  It’s worth a try!


Last year, my plum tree was eaten alive by aphids…until the ladybugs finally swooped in like batman in red spotted body armor and saved the day. This year, they learned where my plum is, and they didn’t wait until the entire tree was covered…only a few leaves.  Wait, don’t spray, and the beneficials WILL come!


And finally, the chicken video, in which we all learn that Ellie HATES my camera. I don’t know why. It’s not as if she hasn’t had pictures taken of her since she was a day old…


5 responses to “Garden Things

  1. I found my way here, to your blog. Don’t ask me how but I think I’ll really like it here. I’m bummed, however, that I can’t seem to see the chicken video! Someone was really camera shy, huh? Haha. I look forward to following!

    • Try again now…I accidentally had it set to private. I don’t know how that happened…I think Ellie has access to my computer! 😎

  2. Well! To be honest, I didn’t know if all that work on your end to get the video up was going to be worth it but it was! That thoroughly made my day. What cuties! I can’t wait to read more of your blog. It seems like you really do have a paradise there. (I’m a city girl but I think I was really meant to be something else.)

  3. Ladybugs do not actually eat the aphid. They leave their eggs where the aphid are, and let their babies to all the work! Apparently, they are voracious. I do not see them in action often because they are not not much to look at like their parents are.

    • Oh yes, ladybugs absolutely eat aphids. I was just watching one chow down yesterday! The larva eat more, but the grown ladybugs eat them too!

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