Snowflake and White Bobwhite Quail

Wow. It’s been forever since I wrote about the bobwhite quail. They are mostly grown now – although they obviously mature a lot later than my coturnix. These guys still act like sweet little babies!

They are SO sweet, in fact, that I am planning on keeping two pair (one white, one snowflake). This means I must build yet another quail coop! Well, with every one I build, I figure out a better design, right?

They are very talkative little quail, with lots of cute vocalizations.

I think the snowflake color is gorgeous, but there is something surprisingly appealing about the white ones.

They seem to be more friendly and inquisitive.  Unlike the snowflakes, they are always coming up to the wire to look at me, and talk to me.

I’m trying something new in their coop.

Do you see it? Up there in the corner?


I have four of them outside with the quail – two blues, a yellow, and a green one. After doing extensive research (particularly of English parakeet-keeping practices) I’m going to try keeping them out here year around. As long as they have a secure, draft-free area, and plenty of time to acclimate, they appear to do fine in my temperatures. I will, of course, monitor them closely during the winter, and if they show signs of discomfort, bring them inside.

But right now, they are loving life! They and the quail get along wonderfully, sharing the ground (when the parakeets feel like walking) and the branches (when the quail feel like perching). I even saw one of the keets go for a brief ride on one of the quail’s back! The quail didn’t seem to notice or mind.

And now for a gratuitous squirrel pic.

This nest box was supposed to be for the birds, but the squirrel chewed the opening larger and claimed it.  Pesky little rodent!

11 responses to “Snowflake and White Bobwhite Quail

  1. They are beautiful! Is that a honeydew melon in the video?

    • It’s a melon, not sure what kind. I buy the over ripe ones for cheap at my local fruit stand – the quail and chickens love them! I generally have to sprinkle bird seed over them for the quail, though, just to get them started. They are highly suspicious of anything new!

  2. Oh that is so cute!! How pretty are these snowflakes! I love your coops, too! That is a lovely place for them to live. The parakeets go really well with it! What is the difference between bobwhite quail and coturnix?

  3. I have always wanted an aviary but found out my husband can’t handle the noise of birds in the house. I live in Minnesota and it’s too cold in the winters 😦

  4. Intrigued by the parakeets. What is your winter likw, how low do the temps dip in the winter? I live in vancouver wa, wonderjng if i can do it too.

    • My winters have gotten as low as 12 degrees F, but normally it’s only just below freezing, with most days above freezing. I’ve read that wet and drafts are usually the issue with birds, so as long as I control those, I hope it will work. Parakeets naturally come from a part of the world with severe temperature changes, so I think if mine have time to acclimate, it should work. It’s commonly done in the UK, and I’m very similar to them, weather wise. Worst case, they’ll have to spend a couple of months inside.

  5. Beautiful set up, I have 15 snowflake, can u sell me some eggs so I can start with some white bobwhites, I can show u mine I have some very pretty snow flakes, if you would like to mix up your blood liines, I’ll show u my birds, I can send u some eggs. My phone if wanna text is 214-236-0518 my email is

    • I would be happy too, but I’m not getting eggs from the bobwhite quail yet…and I actually don’t know if I have any females! Hit me up in spring, and if I have eggs you can have some.

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