Garden Update

Everything is growing and green!

Every year, I’m chasing my tail trying to accomplish a long list of projects, remodels, and maintenance in the garden.  And even though I never get anywhere near the end of that last, it always feels so good to be out there working.  Even the total grunt-work and the occasional icky bits are so much more enjoyable than not being outside.  And slowly, we are getting things done.

This year, building the greenhouse has been pushed back until next year, in favor of building the paver patio addition and pathway.  It’s a good tradeoff.  We’ve also put up a clothesline in the back yard.  I love line-dryed clothes.  They smell so incredibly good, plus they have that fresh stiffness that is so preferable to soft.  Can I say that I just hate fabric softener?  Ick.  (I also hate thick plush towels that are too plush to properly soak up water, and too thick to wrap around your head.  There’s a reason I always buy the absolute cheapest towels I can find, and it’s not because of cost!)  Anyway, that was a digression…we’re here to talk garden!

I’ve also chosen and planted a bunch more fruit trees and shrubs.

Three more blueberries: Jersey and Bluecrop

Two red currants: Cherry Red

Two peaches: Indian Free and Charlotte

One pear: Seckel

One apple: Arkansas Black

Two cherries: Tartarian Black and Royal Anne

Two plums: Coe’s Golden Drop and Mirabelle

Purple raspberries: Brandywine

Next year, I hope to put in four more apples, and then we’ll be done…except for possibly another couple of grapes.  I’m thinking the chickens need a Concord grape in their run.

All of the new trees are leafing out, which is always good to see.  Following the directions in Growing a Little Fruit Tree, we’ve chopped them off to knee height.

The columnar apples I put in last year are blooming for the first time.  They are so pretty and SO sweetly scented!

Plus, I put in a bunch more strawberries, of a variety called “Mara des Bois”, which is a cross between a regular strawberry and an alpine/wild one.  It’s supposed to be similar in flavor to the tiny alpines, but in a standard size.  If that’s true, it’ll be amazing!

The duck coop is almost done.  The foundation is in, the top part mostly just needs hardware and doors attached, and then it needs a roof.   Weather permitting, we just *might* get it done before next week…which is good because that’s when the ducks are arriving!


And because I don’t have any duck pictures, I’ll end with a few pretty blooming flowers.

The smell of pansies is the smell of Spring, to me.

This is one of the new lavenders that’s blooming. It’s called “Raspberry Ruffles”. Perfect name. I hope it survives in my garden. Fancy lavender is sometimes iffy for me.


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