Grow a Little Fruit Tree

So normally I save up my favorite books for a blog post at the end of the year.  I’m breaking that tradition in order to tell you about this fantastic book I just finished.

It’s brilliant, people.  If you’ve ever had an interest in growing fruit trees – lots of fruit trees – in your yard, but never thought you had enough room, this is the book you need.

book33I pre-ordered this on a whim, and it was delivered to my kindle last night, around bedtime.  I started reading it…and let’s just say I was late getting to bed.  I couldn’t put it down.

Everything you ever learned about growing and pruning fruit trees is wrong – and everything she says makes so much sense.

Totally going to get a peach tree this year…and a cherry…and a plum…oh yeah.  I love my espaliered pears and apples, but stone fruit don’t work well as espaliered trees (unless you fan-shape them, which I don’t care for, AND I’m running out of good espalier garden spots.)  I’m so excited to give this a try!

5 responses to “Grow a Little Fruit Tree

  1. I have a dwarf peach that’s doing so so. What wisdom does she impart that’s different from what we’ve been taught?

    • Well, it’s probably a bit too late, since you already own one, but she says dwarf trees aren’t good. Not vigorous enough to survive well, or grow tasty fruit. The book is mainly about planting new trees, and how to do the right sort of pruning at the right time, in order to keep a standard or semi-dwarf tree tiny. It basicially comes down to pruning off all but about 6-12″ of the tree when you first plant it, then do almost all of your pruning in summer. Plus SO much more info!

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