Garden Disasters and Missing Chickens

I have a terrible time with corn.  Last year, the squirrels ate the little mini-ears I was growing…right before I was going to harvest them.

This year it was wind.

Yup, my gorgeous corn stalks looked like this in the morning.

At least a few of the ears were far enough along to harvest, although it would have been better if they’d been able to stay on there a couple more weeks.

This is Glass Corn, the prettiest corn in the world.  Every ear is a different color.

It’s a not a fresh eating corn; it’s meant for flour, or popcorn.  I’m going to go with popcorn.

And look!  Here’s a random cabbage!

I love colorful vegetables.  They are so gorgeous in the garden.

Yesterday, one of my chickens got lost.  I went out to shut them in the coop for the night, and Josie, my Barnvelder was just…gone.  I looked in the coop, and in all the various yards they currently have access to.  I called her.  I asked the other chickens where she was.  No one knew.

And then I found her.  And made a video, because if you can’t use the internet to shame your chickens into proper behavior, what else can you do????

And then, after I filmed her, I took her out of the bucket and discovered what she’d been up to.

These are all her eggs.  And here I thought she was not laying because she was heading into a molt!  I still can’t figure out how she was getting in and out of that bucket.

Crazy chicken.  It’s not as if she doesn’t have perfectly wonderful nest boxes…complete with pink curtains!

One response to “Garden Disasters and Missing Chickens

  1. Sad for your corn we often have problems with ours. Our hens lay in a bucket sometimes too.

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