Corgis and Beets

I love harvesting season.

These are Crosby beets.  Love the pinky-red stems!  They did really well – although I should have harvested those larger ones earlier.  I prefer to eat beets when they are very small, cooked up with their greens.  So good!  These too-big ones I may try roasting.

This morning we went to a local dog show.  I liked seeing all the different breeds, but we especially wanted to see the corgis.  After the death of our Jack Russell Terrier, we decided the next dog was going to be a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Originally, Mom was dead set on a female, as we’ve only ever had female dogs.  I rather wanted a male, since I discovered that the male of the species often seems to be sweeter.  (At least it’s true in cats and ducks.) At the show, we met the most charming boy.  As soon as I got down on the ground to pet him, he put his front paws up in my lap and just leaned against me, snuggling.  Then he did the same to Mom.  That was all it took to win her over.

So now we’re looking for a boy corgi, instead of a girl.  Corgi puppies seem to be hard to find.  There are hardly any breeders in WA state, and none that have pups available.  We have our name down with a breeder in Michigan (Carol’s Corgis) who ships, so hopefully she’ll have puppies born before too much longer.

In the meantime, we’re trying to settle on a name.  We had one picked for a girl, but now we need a boy’s name.  I like Pippin, because if there is ever a hobbit dog breed, it’s a corgi. (Short, furry-footed, and loves to eat.)  But Tucker is one name Mom and I both like, so at the moment, that’s the front-runner.


3 responses to “Corgis and Beets

  1. My yorkie was named Pippin, for the same reason. It’s a great doggie name. 🙂

  2. I have a friend whose Corgi just passed away. His name was Darby O’Gill. They are adorable! Is there a corgi rescue anywhere? That way you could adopt. I have a friend that runs a rescue, and they sometime get corgi mixes. How do you cook your beets and greens? sounds yummy and a great source of iron.

    • I’ve checked into the local corgi rescue (and would have rescued a sweet little corgi girl named Maddie, only she ended up with another family). Then we decided that, with all the animals we have, it might be better to get a puppy and raise it ourselves so we can socialize it well to other animals while it’s still young. The breeder we found now has a pregnant corgi, so we have our names down for one of her pups. He’ll be born in August, and we’ll be taking him him in September.

      For the beets and greens, I cut the beets into halves (or smaller if they are larger) then put them into a pan with the washed beet greens. Put a lid on the pan, and bring it to a boil on your stovetop. The water from washing the greens is all the liquid you need to add. Once it boils, turn the temp down to a VERY low simmer. Cook until the beets are fork tender. Add salt and butter to taste, and enjoy! The small amount of liquid left in the pan is very nutritious as well. I drink it like broth.

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