Farm Update and the Museum of Flight

The Queen Bee is out of her cage; the bees accepted her and ate through the candy plug to free her.  Long Live the Queen!  I hope she’s started laying lots of eggs.

Here’s a picture of the empty queen cage:

Here’s a picture of the end, where the candy plug used to be:

Also, I finally got the worms for my outside bin.  Red Wigglers.

A couple of mornings ago, I saw a female merlin sitting on top of the big quail coop.  Fortunately, merlins are too small to take down a full grown chicken, and the quail aren’t free-range.  No dinner for you here, Ms. Hawk!  There are a ton of wild pigeons around the neighborhood, so I’m sure that’s what most of her diet is.  She’s a pretty bird; I tried to get a picture, but she flew off before I could.

Dandelion the rabbit has an eye infection.  There is a lot of pus in the fluid of his eye, and the vet says he hasn’t seen anything quite like this before.  He’s pretty positive it isn’t pasteurella, so that’s good, at least.  Dandelion is taking antibiotics mixed into jam and yogurt, and he likes the attention.  He’s such a sweet bunny.  I hope we can cure this, because he and Daisy are inseparable, and it would be so sad if he died and left her alone.

Yesterday, I went with Jon to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  It’s HUGE.  The sections on modern airplanes and the space program were only of limited interest to me, but I really enjoyed the WWI and II sections.

There were dozens of actual airplanes on display, some you could climb into.

There were also uniforms; I was particularly taken by the WASP uniforms.

Loved this gorgeous leather flying coat.

And this one was worn by Erroll Flynn in The Dawn Patrol.  On display with it, was the Oscar the film won.

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