Just Because

It was a beautiful day in the garden.  Warm, tshirt weather, and green, new sprouts, buds, and leaves.

I worked on the front yard vegetable garden, but the pictures I want to share are just random things that made me happy today.

A weird mushroom thing.

Several of them, in fact.

They are very tiny, and look like hollow balls.  Or alien spawn.

There are flower buds on the brand new currants I planted just a few weeks ago.

And the quail babies are still sweet.  This one is my buddy.  She likes to sit in my hand and look around.

Pretty soon I’ll have to start thinking about how to move them outside.  They are already beginning to outgrow the brooder box.

And there’s Ellie, my Welsummer hen, and my sweetest baby-girl of all.  She’s very camera shy…hence the leery expression.

We spent some time sitting in the sun together.  Her, on my lap, snuggled in tight against my chest.  She’s a great conversationalist, even though my chicken is pretty rusty and I don’t catch everything she says.

She also helped me dig out the old compost bin, carefully removing all harmful (and not harmful but tasty) bugs before the compost went into the new garden.

And then we had another snuggle in the sun together.

It was a very good day.


3 responses to “Just Because

  1. ❤ these kind of days …. peace, contentment, achievement, soulful 😀

  2. she is adorable! I sit with my pigeon, Angel, on my chest and he will coo to me. He loves me. Don’t you think the currant buds look like Geisha hair ornaments?

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