Travel Plans Post

What with the garden and the animals, it’s been awhile since I posted about my travel plans…but I sure have been thinking about them!  I can’t believe it’s next year that I’m going; it won’t be long until I’ll actually be able to start buying tickets and reserving hotels.

If you remember, I was planning on going to England and Scotland in June of 2015.  That has changed.  There are three places in the world that call to me more than anywhere else: England, Egypt, and Venice.  Because of current events, Egypt is pretty much off the table at the moment.  And for some reason, I thought Venice would be too difficult to combine with a trip to England, thus the addition of Scotland.

Then a friend made me jealous with *her* trip to Venice, and I looked into it.  Turns out Venice is only a two hour flight from London…and the flights are super cheap.  I could pay more for a train trip in England!  So: New Plan.

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After the England portion of my trip, I will fly to Venice, and spend a couple of nights there, before flying home.

Also, since I won’t be in Scotland this trip, I am changing the timing back to going in September of 2015.  September works out so much better for me, schedule-wise.

And after I decided on September, I discovered the Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Hamlet at a London Theatre….in September.  So how perfect is that?  Tickets will go on sale in a couple of months, and I’m definitely going to try for one.  It’ll be a little tricky, since I don’t have my exact travel dates nailed down, but I guess I’ll just have to plan the rest of the trip around that single theatre ticket if I get it!


2 responses to “Travel Plans Post

  1. You really should take Scotland over Venice. Venice is beautiful; yet Scotland took my breath away at every turn. The Highlands are quite amazing, along with the Isles! Went there a couple of years ago and rented a car. A friend and I spent a month of travel. Flew into Ireland and spent time there for a bit. Then took the ferry from Belfast to Scotland. We were only in Scotland for 5 days, but really wish we had made this part of our trip longer. From Scotland we flew to Italy and finished out our trip there bouncing around. Planning my next trip back to Scotland soon!

    • I’m very torn! But the latest idea is dropping one small portion of England, so I can spend at least a short time in Scotland. I’m not willing to give up Venice. But…I’m definitely going to make another trip to Great Britain again after this trip, so I suspect that I’ll end up making Scotland a large part of that trip!

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