Quail Chicks Update

Everyone is still alive and thriving.

Their favorite time of day is when I clean out the brooder box.  With all the food, water, and heating out of the way, it’s time to run and jump and play!

Their wings are almost entirely feathered out, and they can fly/jump startlingly high.  Give them another couple of days, and they’ll be helicoptering out of the brooder box whenever I open it.

I gave the adult quail some wheat fodder that had been growing for about four days.  They LOVED it.  I wasn’t sure whether wheat grains would be too large for them, but they had no trouble eating it at all.

Out in the garden, the beet seeds I planted are coming up, and so are the peas I thought had drowned.  I had started more in pots, and I put those out yesterday, so altogether, I’m going to have a ton of peas this year, I think.

The asparagus I planted last year are finally coming up!  I’m so happy about that.  Little Blue (one of our hens) got into the patch yesterday and tried to dig them all up, but fortunately she only managed to damage two spears before Mom realized where she was.   She’s a sweetie, though, and is one of the hens that wants to sit on my lap and be cuddled more than anything else in the world. She one eye on me while I’m working, and the moment I sit down, she comes running.  If she doesn’t come running, I know I need to go look for her, because she’ll have gotten someplace where she shouldn’t be!   She’s the opposite of an escape artist…instead of escaping out of pens, she always escapes in.  I’ve tried keeping her wings clipped, but she’s just too determined.  I’m going to have to put a much higher fence around the vegetable patch.

She can also recognize her own eggs.  Today when I gathered eggs from the nest boxes, she came over, and picked her own egg out of the five I was holding, and began “arranging” it in my hand, clucking at it and turning it over with her beak.

EDIT:  So, after I posted this, I went out to shut the Girls in their coop for the night.  Guess who was missing?

4 responses to “Quail Chicks Update

  1. Blue is a great looking hen! What kind is she?

  2. Wow! They sure grow fast. We put our quail eggs in the incubator this morning. Now to start building a coop for them.
    It has been raining so much here I’m hoping my pea seeds haven’t rotted. Hoping to see them sprout soon.

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