On Sculpting, Gardening, and Duck Fat

Oh WOW, you guys.  I’d heard that duck fat and potatoes were made for each other, so since potatoes are basically my favorite food, I gave it a try. Last night I fried some sliced potatoes (which I would normally have fried in butter) in duck fat.

It was SO incredibly good.  I’m salivating, just remembering.  In fact, after I finish this post, I think I’ll go make some more!  Duck fat is officially on my ‘must have’ list.  There is no way I am not raising ducks for meat, now.  I just have to figure out which breed, and where to put them.

Today the rain let up, and that was a fortunate thing, since my order arrived from Raintree Nursery.  I have a Crandall Black Currant, a new blueberry, and two Golden Sentinel columnar apple trees!

I put the apple trees in wine barrels in the Chicken yard.  The chickens are extremely excited about all that new dirt, which is why there is currently boards over the barrels.  If I didn’t do that, they’d dig the trees up in very short order.  Once they are settled in, and the dirt is no longer quite so enticing, I’ll remove them.

Hard to believe anything can come of those little twigs, right?

In other gardening projects, the front yard garden is coming right along.  Most of the beds are in, and filled.

I think we’ve decided to use straw between the beds, in the walkways.  I can’t wait until time to plant!  I’ve already started a few seeds inside, things like kale, that will be ready to put out before the last frost.  I think we’re going to have an early Spring.  The daffodils are coming up, the trees are budding, and the rabbits are losing their excess winter hair.  Of course, now that I’ve said this…..

Loki the quail needs his coop built, so I’ve started on that, as well.

Why do things have to look so terrible before they look nice?  This is part of my circle garden.  I’m pulling apart one of the middle sections, and am going to build the coop into it, as a pretty accent.  I need to get this done as soon as possible, because I’m going to order a snazzy new incubator (a Brinsea) soon, and raise some gorgeous Blonde wives for my picky quail boy.  He’d better like these girls.  If not, he’ll have to go, pretty as he is.   😦

I also managed to finish up a sculpting commission I took on – three cats, modeled after pictures of the buyer’s cats, with the requested accents of Lovecraft, Pokemon, Tesla, Steampunk, and the Cheshire Cat.  I think it quite adorable, myself!  I love doing commissions for people; it’s such an exercise in creativity.

And look!  Our sky was so pretty tonight!


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