I’ve long been interested in learning how to spin using a drop spindle.

Last year, for my annual birthday tradition of learning a new skill, I learned to knit.  This year, I think I’ll attempt learning to spin.

I bought a simple drop spindle off Etsy:


And four ounces of undyed alpaca fiber:


I hope they’ll arrive by my birthday on the 24th.  If not, I’ll have to postpone learning that new skill slightly, and stick with my original plan: learn to cook a duck.

I’m really excited about the spinning thing, though.  I hope I can master it, because it fits right in my plan for dual purpose French Angora rabbits.  I’m actually sort of considering getting one Angora rabbit this year (the male) so that I see how much work/maintenance they will actually require.  There are some wildly divergent opinions out there!  If all goes well with him, I’ll add a couple of females in a year or two.

2 responses to “Spinning

  1. Spinning is fun once you get the hang of it, and it’s something you can do pretty much in any down time.

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